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Not really. Sulfates are soaps and sodium chloride is salt.

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Q: Is sulfate free and sodium chloride free shampoo the same?
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What is a sulfate free and sodium chloride free shampoo?

Organix makes two types that are both sulfate free and sodium chloride free. They're both ever straight, one is a brown bottle and one is a pink bottle, but they both say sodium chloride and sodium free on the bottom above the Organix label!

Where to get sodium chloride free shampoo and conditioners from?

Sulfate free shampoos and conditioners can be found at any beauty supply store.

Is dove shampoo Sodium Laureth Sulfate free?


What shampoos are sodium chloride free?

Ur mom's shampoo

What shampoo should you use after Brazilian keratin straightening?

Any shampoo or conditioner without sodium chloride. Try the Brand Elucence they have shampoo's and conditioners without the sodium chloride, because it breaks the effect of keratin in the hair and you will lose your treatment if you use shampoo's that contain sodium chloride. Your Shampoo or conditioner shouldn't have sodium-chloride, this is true. But it should also be sulfate and sulfide free. Despite what they advertise you will not find any of these shampoo or conditioner in drugstores, they must be salon provided professional products. And even then make sure you read the label before you buy it.

What shampoo don't have sodium chloride in it?

Offhand I wasn't aware that any shampoo did have sodium chloride in it, but the ingredients for shampoos are listed on the bottle. Why don't you just check?I believe Jonhson's baby shampoo and naked colour are sodium chloride free. Check the label to be sure.

List of sodium laureth sulfate free shampoos in India?

There are several SLS or sodium laureth sulfate free shampoos that are available in India. These include Pureology Nano Works shampoo and Organix Rejuvenating Cherry Blossom Ginseng shampoo.

Name all the sodium chloride free shampoos?

Matrix shampoo for colored hair

Is dove shampoo free of sodium chloride?

No! It contains sodium chloride, the chemical detergent, used to clean floors and wash car engines. Avoid it.

What sulfate free shampoo is good for the wave nouveau?

What sulfate free shampoo and conditioner is better for the wave nouveau

Can you use Loreal sulfate -free shampoo after BKT?

can i use l'oreal sulfate free shampoo after keratin treatment?

Is baby shampoo sulfate free?


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