Is sulfur a gas liquid or a solid at room temp?


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It takes the form of a brittle, yellow, powdery solid at room temperature.


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It's a solid. It's usually in the form of a yellow powder.

it is a solid at room temerature

its liquid at room temp, not solid.

Vegetable oils are liquid at room temp, while animal fats are solid.

Boron is solid at room temperature.

At room temperature polonium is a solid.

Mercury is a liquid at room temperature.

No, it is a heavy liquid.

At room temperature plutonium is a solid metal.

depends on what you heat it to, but at room temp its solid

Fat is defined as a type of liquid that is solid at room temperature and atmospheric pressure

It is a pale brown liquid at room temp.

its a liquid. Most alcohols are (at room temp).

At standard temperature and pressure, sulfur is a solid.

Room temp is about 68 F or 20 C, if the melting point is below room temp it is not a solid at room temp. If the boiling point is above room temp then it is not a gas so it has to be a liquid at room temp.

At room temperature helium is a gas.

Chlorine is a gas at room temperature.

When mercury is at any temp. Over -47 it will stay a liquid

its neither of them it is a liquid at room temp

No! the other way around. Unsaturated fats are liquid at room temp whereas saturated fats are solid!

This question has already been answered. Manganese is a solid at room temperature.

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