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Is sunni the real muslium shia?


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no. they are two different sect. in other words shiit as minority and sunni as majority compromised the two main sects in Islam religion.


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there were sunni and extremely anti shia and killed shia Imams.

according to shia rules marriage of a shia with a sunni its allowed.

according to shia rules its allowed. for sunni it depends on sect of sunni

according to shia its allowed a shia marry a sunni. about sunni it depends on the sect.

Answer 1Sunni literally means who follow Sunnah (practice) of prophet Muhammad SAWW. but shia Muslims believe they are real sunni. according to shia Muslims any Muslim who does not believe in Imamat as one of five pillars of Islam is a sunni Muslim.

About 85% of Muslims are Sunni. The remaining 15% are mostly Shia.

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at least 1% of egypt population are shia muslims. but sunni/shia relation in egypt is different of other countries. in egypt shia and sunni have close relation and sunni muslims love 12 Imams of shia and sunni muslims of egypt can be called nearly shia. there is no shia/sunni conflict in egypt. egypt Muslims are mostly fatemi that are lovers of Imam Ali and Ahl al Bayt.

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Answer: The Sunni branch is 85% to 90%.

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Because Sunni muslims consider shia,s are kafir or infideles and have no significance in sunni faith

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