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Hello there - A increase in CM is a sign of pregnancy along with all the other pregnancy symptoms. I have never heard of sweet smelling CM being a symptom of pregnancy. Good luck TTC. :o)

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โˆ™ 2006-04-11 20:55:58
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Q: Is sweet smelling CM during the two week wait a sign of early pregnancy?
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Does the urine smell sweet during pregnancy?

if you have developed gestational diabetes it can. sweet smelling urine is a symptom of diabetes.

What is a 4 letter word for a sweet smelling herb?

Mint is a sweet smelling herb.

Is brinjals and sweet potatoes safe to eat during pregnancy?

yes both are good during pregnancy

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Is sweet corn safe during pregnancy?

Yes it is as long its not acohol.

How good is passion fruit juice during pregnancy?

Occasional diluted is okay. Too many sweet drinks are not good during pregnancy.

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sweet tarts

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Sweet smelling urine can indicate serious medical issues, including diabetes. Pregnant women can also have sweet smelling urine. If a person's urine smells sweet, they should probably see a doctor to determine the cause. Once a cause is determined, the doctor can decide on a treatment.

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It's a part of evolution. Babies are sweet smelling to encourage being held/cared for. Hence increasing the likelihood of survival.

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Yes. It is okay to eat during pregnancy.

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Because there is glucose in urine.Glucose is a sweet monosachcharide.

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