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Is swimming a learned behavior of humans?

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What is a penguins learned behavior?

swimming is a learned beharior i think lol

Are frog's swimming a learned behavior or from instinct?

an instint the are born swimmers

Is a bear swimming an instinct or a learned behavior?

When animals swim, it is always from instinct. This applies to bears as well.

What is an learned behavior?

a learned behavior is a skill you learned from something

Is cooking learned or inherited behavior?

learned behavior

How is learned behavior different from the innate behavior?

Innate behavior is known from birth, for example breathing or blinking for humans. We do not need to be taught this behavior. However, learned behaviors are taught and would not otherwise be built upon/perfected alone, like formulating sentences.

What is the difference between learned behavior and inherited behavior?

The one difference between innate behavior and learned behavior is that learned behavior is learned during someones/somethings life span. Inherited behavior is something you get or adapt to as a new born.

What is a chameleon learned behavior?

A learned behavior is blending in with it's surroundings.

What is the difference between innate behavior and learned behavior?

innate behavior is a behavior that is inherited through genes, or behavior that does not need to be learned, such as blinking, and breathing, or the fight or flight response. while learned behavior must be taught or learned such as talking, or walking, and things like that.

Learned behavior depends upon what?

Learned behavior depends on the environment that an individual is in. These learned behaviors are learned by observing people in the environment.

Learned behavior depends upon?

AnswerLearned behavior depends on the environment of the individual.

How is instinctual behavior different from learned behavior?

Instinct- a behavior that the animal already knows Learned Behavior-something that the animal has to learn:)

Who is the social scientist that studied human behavior and stated that humans and animals can have trained and learned responses?

ivan pavlov

Is courtship behavior a learned behavior?

No, it is an instinctive behavior.

What is learned behavior?

A learned behavior is a behavior that was observed by an individual that they find it to be beneficial to them in some way. There's a motivating factor behind it. Also, it can be conditioned. the learned behavior is a conditioned response to a stimuli through either voluntary or involuntary intent. A learned behavior is some type of action or reflex that you learn. For example tying your shoes is a learned behavior, but crying is not. A learned behavior is one that you decide to learn, unlike 'innate' behavior. This is not a natural behavior, instead it is learned by that being. You can learn these behaviors by watching others do them, such as riding a bike or learning to write.

What is a learned behavior?

A learned behavior in not instinctive but must be taught or acquired through learning.

What are learned behaviors of a guinea pig?

There are a lot of these to say the least. Play is a learned behavior. Even eating is a learned behavior.

What are learned behaviors of a king cobras?

No learned behavior by a cobra. What they do is all instinctive behavior. People have learned behaviors not reptiles.

Are the terms instinct and learned behavior synonyms or antonyms?

Instinct and learned behavior are antonyms because learned behavior means someone helps you and instinct maens to do it by yourself.

What is opposite to innate behavior?

learned behavior

Is unethical behavior a learned behavior?


What is acquired behavior?

It's behavior that you learned.

Can a behavior be learned?

Yes, a behavior can be learned. This is called a learned behavior.

What is learnd behavior?

Learned behavior is a behavior that does not come naturally, as an instinct behavior does. You have to teach an animal how to do a trick, etc., which is learned behavior, for they were not born with the knowledge of knowing how to do that trick, etc.

What are learned behaviors of polar bears?


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