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It could be normal due to water retention. But you should discuss this with your doctor and possibly make an appointment.

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Q: Is swollen pain in the balls of your feet and palms of your hands normal at 5 months?
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Why does alcohol cause swollen hands?

There are various reasons that alcohol can cause swollen hands. For example, this is because of the fact that it can cause edema, or fluid retention.

Causes of swollen hands?

usally allergic reactions

Is it normal to have swollen feet at 25 weeks pregnant?

It can be but you should check with your Dr just to be sure. Swelling of the feet, legs, and hands can be normal but it can also be a symptom of pre-eclampsia , a condition that is very dangerous during pregnancy.

How do you know when you are carrying water weight?

swollen hands and ankles.

Are swollen lymph nodes in hands common?

Swollen lymph glands are not uncommon, but typically are a sign of the body fighting off an infection.

Cause of swollen hands and feet?

too much salt in your diet.

What does pressure headaches and swollen hands or feet mean?

Go to the doctors.....

what does Allergies look like?

red swollen itchy bumds on hands

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To prevent swelling in their hands from catching the balls.

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What does it mean to have Swollen joints in little fingers only?

Swollen joints in your hands can indicate you may have arthritis. The other symptoms of arthritis are joints that are stiff, inflamed, and painful. The joints affected can be in your hands, feet, and wrists.

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I had a my tubes tied and cut 7 months ago and for 6 months my period was normal and this month I missed a period. Is it normal to feel bloated and for my hands to hurt and get numb often?

You should have regular periods. Your question is beyond the scope of this forum to answer accurately.

What causes swollen feet and hands?

slidding down a rope for 3 mins

What does latex allergy look like?

red swollen itchy bumds on hands

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third tresture pregetcy is what causes it to swell from dr bomen

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my son has a 102.2 fever he is 18 years old but his hands and fingers are numb! is that normal?

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Why are child's hands swollen?

Could be many reasons..from a mosquito bite to a provide details

Is there any way to predict if a child will have turner's syndrome?

swollen hands and feet wide and webbed neck