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There really is no definitive proof on this. Both synthetic and natural oil are comparable in performance when new. it is after time in the motor that the synthetic oil breaks down less, hence you can stretch your oil change a bit more. in that respect synthetic is better.I use it in my car, because it seems to start better in the winter, but it is up to you to make the decision whether or not to spend 4 or 5 times as much for oil.

AnswerIn my experience, yes. I have a 1993 Honda with 246,000 miles that has used synthetic Pennzoil for its whole life and still runs perfect, and doesn't burn oil. I purchased a 2001 Yukon 6 months ago with 60K miles and used regular oil the first 3 months, getting 12mpg in town and 14 on the HWY. I put in Mobil 1 synthetic 3 months ago and its getting 14mpg in town and 16.5 on the HWY, consistently. Just the gas savings alone is worth it, not to mention engine longevity. AnswerI have been using Mobil1 two years ago with 1998 Camry. I drive 41 miles one way to work, 5 days a week. My runs from 30 miles/Gl to 33 miles/gl since the change to Mobil1. Every half-year, ~10,000 miles, I change oil and the filters. It has been two years and my car runs very well. I also noticed that the engine temperature meter is cooler too. AnswerThe short answer is YES!, but to realize savings it takes about 1 year. Lets say you drive 15K per year. You could change your oil at 3K which will cost from $19.99 to $24.99 per change. For a total of $99.99 to $124.99 per 15K miles. Or use synthetic and change 2 times, 7500 X 2 = 15K miles. At $49.99 per change that's $99.98. If you are a DIYer the savings are much greater! And with synthetic oil you get better MPG, better running, less wear, and less time going to oil change shops, so your time is saved which will be a savings to your bank account. I used the 7500 mile example because most autos recommend up to 7500 miles. In fact a high quality synthetic will last much longer than 7500 miles. And last, with what cars and trucks cost today it makes sense to save money and keep your auto running in peak condition. Todays synthetic oils provide protection for your hard spent money. AnswerI have a Geo Metro with 437,000 miles on it using synthetic since it's birth, and runs the same as the day it was made, synthetic, great stuff!!!


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No it doesn't worth if you driving you car in the summer time (hot weather area) Most people I mean all of us doesn't know, When you buy synthetic oil, you get 30% of actual synthetic oil and the rest a regular petrolum product but if you living in EU, when you buy synthetic oil 40% is man made oil but in North America is not fullyyyyy fully snythetic oil. So for diving condition synthetic oil doesn't lose its propery extreme cold codition as regular oil, in winter (-3 to below) I would recomment use synthetic oil, but summar you don't need but to keep inside of your engine clean change you oil every 5 000 km with oil filter

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Q: Is synthetic oil worth the money?
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What happens if regular oil treatment is mixed with synthetic oil?

Oil treatments is a total waste of money so don't mix anything with the synthetic oil.

Can I use synthetic engine oil with normal oil?

No they shouldn't be mixed as they have different viscosity Actually, yes you can......but you are wasting your money. Mixing the two reduces, significantly, the positive effects of the synthetic oil. Only do it if you have to, but they are compatible. There are oils available that are a synthetic blend of standard oil and synthetic oil.

Can you mix part synthetic oil full synthetic oil?

You can mix part synthetic oil with full synthetic oil.

What is the different semi synthetic oil and syntetic?

Semi synthetic or synthetic blend is a combination of synthetic and conventional oil. Full synthetic oil is just that 100% synthetic oil.

Is oil synthetic?

Oil that comes out of the ground is not synthetic but is called crude oil. Synthetic oil is man made with synthetic compounds. They are both oil.

What brand of synthetic oil is best Amsoil or Mobil?

Synthetic oil is synthetic oil.

Is Synthetic oil worth the price?

Click on the link to your right for more information.

Who manufactures synthetic oil?

Synthetic oil manufacturers.

Is o'riley synthetic oil good as any other?

Yes, Synthetic oil is synthetic oil no matter who makes it.

Can you mix synthetic oil and non synthetic oil?

Yes, that is what a synthetic blend is that they sell.

What Weight of oil for 1995 Nissan 240sxse is best?

Whatever you use it MUST be synthetic oil, it costs more but is worth it

What is synthetic blend motor oil?

It is a combination of synthetic oil and conventional oil.

Which is the best synthetic oil for 150cc pulsar?

Synthetic oil is synthetic oil. Any major brand will be of high quality.

What is the difference between synthetic oil and non synthetic oil?

Synthetic oil is a chemically made substitute made from petroleum components as opposed to non synthetic which is made from crude oil.

Is 5w20 oil synthetic?

It can be. The 5w20 is the weight of the oil which you can buy conventional or synthetic. If it is synthetic it will say so right on the container. If it does not say synthetic it is conventional oil.

Does a 2005 explorer take synthetic oil or synthetic blend?

You can use synthetic, synthetic blend, or conventional oil. It is your choice.

A sentence with the word synthetic?

I will change my oil from conventional oil to synthetic oil on my next oil change.

Is it a special oil filter for synthetic oil?

No an oil filter just filters the oil no matter synthetic or not

Can you mix full synthetic with semi synthetic gear oil?

Yes, semi synthetic is a blend of synthetic and conventional oil already.

Are semi synthetic oil and part synthetic oil the same?


Is bp visco 2000 20w50 oil part synthetic or mineral?

It is conventional oil and contains no synthetic oil. 3000 & 5000 are part synthetic and part conventional. 7000 is a full synthetic oil.

Synthetic Oil?

form_title= Synthetic Oil form_header= Put synthetic oil in your car with help from the pros. When was the last time your oil was changed?*= _ [50] Have you ever used synthetic oil before?*= () Yes () No What type of oil do your currently use?*= _ [50]

What percentage makes a synthetic oil synthetic?

Synthetic is 100% synthetic. There are blends sold that are part synthetic & regular oil. Look for a quart that sates FULL or 100% Synthetic. If it says Synthetic Blend then it is not 100% Synthetic.Synthetic is 100% synthetic. There are blends sold that are part synthetic & regular oil. Look for a quart that sates FULL or 100% Synthetic. If it says Synthetic Blend then it is not 100% Synthetic.

Why is oil important to Texas?

Because oil is worth a lot of money

Can you use mm oil in synthetic oil?

Yes. Marvel mystery oil is fully compatible with synthetic oil.