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Is tails doll a creepypasta?


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Yes, though he wasn't originally created by creepypasta.

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Tails doll girlfriend is the Amy doll

if a tails doll is in your home what do you do?

I think Tails Doll is awesome!

tails dossent have a girlfriend. NOBODY CARES ABOUT TAILS DOLL!!!!!

There is no female Tails. Therefore, there can't be a female Tails Doll.

The Tails Doll is a character from Sonic R which is a doll version of Tails. It was built by Dr. Robotnik.

In some pictures, the Tails doll is about as tall as your average doll. In other pictures, though, he is as tall as Tails is.

Tails Doll is evil because Robotnik made him. Some people thinks Tails Doll is an evil demon, but he is not, Tails Doll is just a badnik doll made by Robotnik in Sonic R.

it never will tails doll is fake

tails doll kills you and takes your soul

The Tails doll scared children. It may also be because people are scared of the Tails doll curse.

according to the rumor of the curse, if you go into a dark room with a mirror and play can you feel the sunshine backwards the tails doll comes out of the mirror and murders you. This is an educated guess, but I think Tails Doll is scared of Sonic because if you hold up a sonic doll to tails doll then tails doll gets scared and leaves.

Tails Doll was created becuase Eggman did not have enough parts to make metal tails

There is an online game called tails nightmare and a sequel with the tails doll as the boss.

in my opinion, the tails doll is scary because it's a mindless yet living DOLL!!!!

Well my friends said that if you hug Tails Doll it will like you lol. So you and the Tails Doll will stop arguing.

yes tails doll was created from sonic R or dr.eggman he is a evil sprite for tails hes a evil copy of tails

you need to get all the 5 tokens in radical city, than challenge tails doll,if you beat him in race, you get tails doll.

I've heard that if you hold a Sonic doll in front of Tails Doll's face, he will get scared and leave. The Tails Doll is afraid of Sonic!

One of them is Doll it lets you go to the Tails Doll at the end

there are many diffrent stories on how the tails doll was born so there really is no answer

Sega & travelers tails

The Tails Doll was not originally meant to be creepy, or cursed. Fans created the curse and thus made the Tails Doll seem creepy.

yes when they sleep there eyes are .......... A TAILS DOLL HAHAHAHA I AM THE TAILS DOLL! next I AM THE SONIC DOLL! next I AM THE KNUCKLES DOLL! done lol

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