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== == No; one can safely take both supplements. However, vitamin C can cause a copper deficiency with prolonged high doses (more than 20 times the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for months, for example). Unless you are taking extremely high-dose supplements, you are not likely to have this problem. Additionally, vitamin C intake levels above the RDA have not shown any additional benefit in controlled experiments. Unless there is some indication that your intake of vitamin C is deficient, it is likely that you will not benefit from the additional vitamin C supplement.

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What is cataplex g?

Cataplex G is a supplement that contains different components of the B complex. These components are helpful in calming the central, metabolic, cardiovascular, and peripheral nervous systems.

What is the best calcium supplement to take?

The best Calcium Supplement to take is the MX Calcium Complex. Through this supplement you can get the best calcium absorption and mineral complex to help your bones get the support that they deserve. MX Calcium Complex is like an insurance policy for your bone health, helping ward off debilitating diseases.

What is marilex?

It is a marine complex used as a supplement to aid in hair loss.

What types of nutritional supplements are recommended?

First, a high quality, broad-spectrum multivitamin and mineral supplement, taken once per day, is recommended to provide a range of nutrients. This should contain the B-complex vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid, which may help prevent heart disease.

Is blood a complex tissue?

It consist of hemoglobin and contains complex tissue

Is there a pill that make your hair grow?

yes biotin vitamin E olive oil and super b-complex /any multivitamin

Which is the best Multivitamin for men?

The Best Multivitamin for Men is the MX Mens Multi-vitamins. Because the product is a complex formula of the precise vitamins for men, providing all of the vital nutrients that a man need to live a healthy, full life.

Can you take a multi vitamin with b50?

If your doctor says you need extra B vitamins, you may need to take a multivitamin with a vitamin B complex. The complex is usually prescribed in 50 mgs.

Why is cake unheathy?

Cake is unhealthy because it has low nutritional value. It contains high amounts of refine white flour, sugar, fats, and oil, with little to no protein, complex carbs, vitamins, fiber, or minerals.

Which orcanelle contains proteins?

the Golgi complex

Is it safe to take both b-complex and biotin?

A B-Complex contains biotin. Take a decent B-Complex.

What is the differences between the potassium trioxalatomanganateIII and potassium trioxalatoaluminate?

the potassium trioxalatomanganateIII contains manganese (III) in thee complex, whereas the trioxoaluminate contains aluminum in the complex instead

What are the difference between a Compound and Complex Sentence?

The difference between a compound sentence and a complex sentence is that a compound sentence has two independent clauses, connected by a Coordinator. A complex sentence on contains one independent clause. A complex sentence also always contains a subordinator.

Why is cookies unhealthy?

Cookies are unhealthy when eaten too often or too many at a time, because they are high in calories without much protein, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates or vitamins.

Is an organ a simple or complex organism?

An organ is part of an organism and if an organism contains an organ then it is a complex organism.

What contains an independent clause and dependent clause?

A complex sentence.

What is becelac forte?

It's a multivitamin capsule from Dr. Reddy's pharmacology, containing Lactic Acid Bacilus & Vitamin B complex taken with antibiotics or to curb any deficiency.

What is a complex ion?

A complex ion is an ion that contains a metal cation binded to one or more small molecules or ions.

What does the symbol si o4 stand for?

SiO4 (silicon-oxygen complex) is a complex that contains one silicon and four oxygen.

What are the nutrients in potato?

it contains complex is a good source of starch.

How does starch differs from cellulose?

cellulose contains longer complex chain

Complex chemical that contains information about the organism?

Deoxynucleic acid (DNA)

What are complex and simple sentences?

A simple sentence contains a subject and a verb and expresses a complete thought, but contains no additional clauses. A complex sentence can contain a number of additional clauses. For example: I like to study in the mornings. -- simple I am studying because I have a test tomorrow. --complex

What are the example of field that contains subfield?

The set of complex numbers is a field which contains the set of real numbers as a proper subfield.

Why Is bread a complex food?

Bread is a complex food because it contains carbohydrates, protein, lipid, salt and water, and mineral substances.

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