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I consider taste as a chemical property.

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Yes taste is a physical property

Taste is a chemical property.

No....Tart taste is a physical property, not chemical

It is not. It is a chemical property!

Physical property. Common physical properties are color, taste and odor.

Abitter taste is considered to be a chemical property. This is because the shape of the item does not affect anything about taste.

Five examples of a physical property are: Heaviness, color, size, smell, taste.

A physical property is like a sound, smell, taste, or texture.

The taste of something is a chemical property, not a reaction.

Sour taste is a result of a chemical property. Certain chemicals - acids in particular - produce a sour taste when they come in contact with the appropriate taste buds. The chemical interaction of those chemicals with the taste buds yeilds a stimulus of those taste buds that the brain interprets as "sour".

A physical change, of course. A physical change includes change in shape, color, or texture.

Acids (pH <7) have a sour taste, like lemons; Bases (pH >7) have a bitter taste, like grapefruit.

No, physical property is NOT a physical property itself

IT is a physical because physical properties refer to things that can be examined with the 5 senses (taste, look, ect.)

one property of acids is that they taste sour.

It is not a physical property. It has a physical property. And its a solid

i don't now the answer to this question so sorry i could not be helpful for your concern

Malleability is a physical property.For comparison flammability is a chemical property.