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no not at all!!

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โˆ™ 2009-11-16 20:04:21
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Q: Is tattooing on the ribcage really painful?
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How do you tell if your ribs are broke?

* Painful in ribcage area (especially while breathing in). * There may be a bruise around the ribcage area.

What would cause pain in lower left ribcage?

If You were to get punched really really hard :D

What are the Basic rules of tattooing?

Hold your breath and pin (not really so don't do it)

Do ferrets have a ribcage?

Ferrets do have a ribcage

Does hypoplastic 12th rib cause pain around the ribcage?

Yes, having a hypoplastic 12th rib certainly can cause pain around the ribcage. While this is not painful for everyone, it can cause pressure on the surrounding tissue and create a kind of bruising sensation.

Do butt tattoos hurt?

Heck yes they do! I know from personal experience that it is one of the most painful things you can experience, aside from tattooing eyeliner on and childbirth.

Is Indian ink good for tattooing?

No its not its not bad for tattooing

What do you call tattooing by hand or without a machine?

Hand Tapping or simply tattooing by hand or tattooing without electricity

What is the movement of ribcage during inhalation and exhalation?

During inhalation the ribcage expands, and during exhalation the ribcage contracts.

When your ribcage rises does your lungs inflate or deflate?

As your lungs inflate your ribcage will rise, and as your lungs deflate your ribcage will sink.

Is dyslexia painful?

It's not really painful but it makes life a lot harder than for a "normal person" and makes you really tired.

What is an open and closed ribcage?

that means your ribcage is open and is showing

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