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Is tearing of ligament fibers called a sprain or strain?


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The tearing of a ligament, the fibrous tissue connecting bone to bone, is called a sprain.

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A strain is an injury to a muscle or a tendon (the tendon connects muscle to bone).


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A sprain is a slight or severe tear in a ligament caused by over-extension of a jointFirst degree sprain - is a tear of only a few fibers of the ligament.Second degree sprain - is a tear of part of a ligament, from a third to almost all its fibers.Third degree sprain - is a complete tear of the ligament

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Injury to the ligament (sprain) or to the muscle (strain) of the thoracic (mid-back) region usually accompanied by tearing of the tissue

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a sprain happens if a ligament is torn

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The name of the ligament that provides support against a varus or inversion sprain of the ankle is the lateral ankle ligament. It is also called the anterior talofibular ligament .

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Ligaments (also known as articular ligament, articular laura, fibrous ligament or true ligament) connect bones together. (Ligament damage is called a sprain.)

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