Is ten numb a rebel in Star Wars?

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Yes, Ten Numb was a Sullustan B-Wing pilot.
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What was the name for the South instead of Rebels during the Civil War?

Answer . \nThe Confederate States of America — also referred to as the Confederate States, CSA, the Confederacy and Dixie — existed between 1861 and 1865 in North America, comprising states that seceded [1] from the United States of America. The territory of the C.S.A. consisted of most of the ( Full Answer )

What were johnny rebels in the US Civil War?

Answer . That name was given to the southern soldiers in the Civil War.But also is a old person who died for he right of going to stop them from shoting because it was over!

How did Slaves Rebel During the Civil War?

Slaves started the underground railroad to help slaves escape from slavery. It was a step towards rebelling. The underground railroad consisted of safe houses where escaping slaves could hide and earn money until a safe time to hopefully go back home..

What is a rebel?

Rebel can mean many things, but in the most common context it means someone independent in thoughts and actions.

After the Civil War how were rebels treated?

In most cases not very well. Many people's homes were destroyed, livestock taken, and there were numerous rapes and murders. And many of these offenses were against the freed slaves. The military governors appointed by the Johnson administration often put Northerners in position of authority, and th ( Full Answer )

What do you fight on Star Wars The Force Unleashed Rebels or Empire?

\nYou start as Darth Vader's "Secret" Apprentice. He goes out and kills some Jedi but then is told to gather a band of Rebels. This leads to the formation of the Rebel Alliance, the Apprentice decides to walk the path of the light and he ends up turning against Vader and the Emperor.

Who are the rebels in the Darfur War?

visit the article Who is fighting in Darfur? just copy and past that to the wiki search bar and it's everything you need to know (( simplified ))

What were the political beliefs of the Rebels during the Civil War?

They believed in state's rights and with those rights they believed they should be able to determine the legality of slavery in their own state and they believed that Federal Government restriction of slavery in the territories was unconstitutional.

What was a rebel in the civil war?

In a generic civil war in a country, a rebel might be someone who fights against government forces or the ruling party of said country. They are deemed rebels because they are rebelling against some sort of institution or group. In terms of the American Civil War, the rebels was an interchangeable ( Full Answer )

What is going on in rwanda now the rebel war has finished?

Rwanda is now in the process of rebuilding after the war, and is making rapid progress. Foriegn investments, mostly from Belgium have added million of Euros to the economy. The Agricultural and Fishery industires have been the first focus and have almost returned to pre-war status. Other programs ( Full Answer )

Who is in young soul rebels war child?

all the members are : Tinchy Stryder, Pixie Lott, N-Dubz, Frankmusik, Chipmunk, VV Brown, Ironik, Bashy, MPHO, McLean, Kid British, Egypt, Domino Go and the London Community Gospel Choir. :)

What colour were the lasers on the rebel ships in Star Wars?

for their guns and blaster rifles they were red but for their ships the were yellow (for particle shots), red, blue (for ion cannons) and sometimes green but that colour was mostly affiliated with the empire.

Who were civil war rebels?

The residents of the Southern states that seceded from the United States in 1861 (originally 7 of them) and set up the Confederate States of America. The Northern states who did not secede considered the Southern states a "rebelling" and so called them rebels. The Southerners did not see themselve ( Full Answer )

War that involved SpainUS and Cuban rebels?

Spanish-American War of 1898; lasted about 6 months. Was nicknamed by the press, "The Splendid Little War." It was the Operation Desert Storm (1991) of the 19th century (Note-The press nicknamed this campaign..."The 100 Hour War."). Guam, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and leasing rights in Cuba wer ( Full Answer )

How can you be rebels in Rome Total War?

1. Go to My Computer. 2. Click on Disk Drive C. 3. Click on Program Files. 4. Click on The Creative Assembly. 5. Click on Rome - Total War. 6. Click on data. 7. Click on descr_sm_factions. 8. Find the section for slave. 9. Find custom_battle_availability and replace no with yes. 10 ( Full Answer )

What a rebel?

A Rebel is someone who follows there own rules a doesn't care about what other people think of them

Did the rebels have the galaxy on Star Wars?

After Return of the Jedi (ROTJ), the Rebellion did not have complete control of the galaxy. Even though The Death Star II and the Executor were destroyed, there were still thousands of planets still controlled by the empire. Not every Imperial ship fought in the battle of Endor. The remaining Imperi ( Full Answer )

Is Star Wars The Old Republic for ten year olds?

The ESRB for SWTOR is "T" for TEENS. However, there are someten-year olds that play the game. If you are unsure about if yourchild should play the game, then you should sit next to them for awhile as they play and see for yourself if you want your child toplay the game. Be aware though, the chat can ( Full Answer )

Why did the Indian soldiers rebel during the first war of independence?

The reasons are :- . Due to less salary given to them. . They were ill-fed & badly housed. . There were very bleak prospects for promotion for them. . By the introduction 'THE POST OFFICE ACT-1854',their privilege of free postage was withdrawn from them. . Introduction of the 'Enfield Rifle' w ( Full Answer )

Why did the south rebel against the north during the civil war?

There were many reasons that would include economic as well as cultural but ultimately the south was fighting for their independence much like their ancestors during the American Revolution. Slavery was a predominant driving force but many would argue that it was not the main reason that most fought ( Full Answer )

Did the rebels during the civil war want to free slaves?

The Civil War was caused largely because of trade inequities between the industrialized north and the agrarian south. The "Rebels" were the southerners, and although some southerners were in favor of the abolitionist movement, the majority were not. Farming is a very labor intensive task, and slaves ( Full Answer )

What are the 11 states that rebel flag stars represent?

There are actually anywhere from 11 to 15 depending on which confederate flag your looking at.even though they split from Virginia in 1863 they actually tried to become a rebel state but the Yanks stopped them so WV is one.The others that i can think of are Virginia NC,SC,Georgia,Florida,Mississippi ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Star Wars Rebels - 2014?

The cast of Star Wars Rebels - 2014 includes: Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian (2014) Taylor Gray as Ezra Bridger (2014) Vanessa Marshall as Hera Syndulla (2014) David Oyelowo as (2014) Tiya Sircar as Sabine Wren (2014)

Is Captain Rex in Star Wars Rebels?

It is unknown at this time as at the time of this writing, StarWars: Rebels isn't out yet. It is presumed that Captain Rex waspresent during the early days of the Galactic Empire.

What are the 11 stars on the rebel flag?

there are actually 15.Here are the ones I can think of.WV,Virginia,NC,SC,Georgia,Florida,mississippi,alabama,kentucky,lousiana, missouri,arkansas and maryland.And remember THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN.

Will there be more Star Wars Rebels episodes?

Yes. Season 2 is beginning in the fall, but it will be accompaniedby an hour-long film to begin the season, which is scheduled topremiere on the Disney XD channel on June 20.

Why do many people dislike Star Wars Rebels?

Most likely because the show is still "getting started." But manyfans of The Clone Wars are still mad about Disney canceling it and"replacing it" with a show that has "the bar set so low," for CloneWars was extremely epic, beginning around the middle of Season 3.

When is season two of Star Wars Rebels Aired?

Season 2 is supposed to begin with a one-hour movie that willpremiere in the summer and then season 2 will air on the Disney XDchannel in the fall. The exact dates haven't been released yet

Why do people watch terrible shows like Star Wars Rebels?

Whether or not Star Wars Rebels is terrible is debatable. A lot ofpeople actually like it, and they watch it not only because it'sStar Wars, but this show has several elements that are seen in theoriginal films, as well as familiar sounds and music