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Is that true that lady gaga is a gay?

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No, that whole thing was a publicity stunt.

Read an article sometime.

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Is it true lady gaga is gay?

No, she is bisexual

When will Lady Gaga be on the Early Show?

hell she is lady gaga is gay i m her sister she has a penos

Is Lady Gaga half man and women?

No. Lady Gaga is a woman, although there has been sayings that she is gay. Not true, I would know my sister is a little monster. (aka huge fan)

Why do lots of gay people like lady gaga no offense?

Lady Gaga is probably a gay icon because of her support of the LGBT community.

What was Lady Gaga fighting for?

Lady Gaga has been a strong advocate for gay rights, I suppose that is what she IS fighting for.

Who is more gay lady gaga or rihanna?

since lady gaga was once a man now she is dating a man so she is the most gay Rihanna on the other hand IS NOT GAY

In which interview did Lady Gaga say she was gay?

she is not gay and she never said she was.

Do all the gay people like lady gaga?

some gay people like lady gaga but not all do however she likes the gays... i think

Does Lady Gaga have a disability?

The answer is... NO. There is a lot of rumors about lady gaga. That one is not true. How do you think she feels? Lady Gaga is a healthy young woman.

What clebrities are gay?

lady gaga ,elen dageners

If Lady Gaga does not have a penis what was that thing?

yes it is true that lady gaga is a female but has male body parts we dont know where but it is posobly true

How did lady gaga's parents say when she told them that she was gay?

Lady Gaga is not gay. This is a myth based on the fact that she is a supporter of equality.

Is Lady Gaga a real true blonde?

Lady Gaga is a blonde. Gaga gets her hair dyed so often, that it is hard to tell. But, her real, true hair color is blonde.

Is it true that Lady Gaga is a man?

There is a rumor being spread that Lady Gaga was born a man, or a hermaphrodite. Lady Gaga has made no public statement confirming these rumors to be true. So for now appreciate her for what she is- a talented singer.

Is it true Lady Gaga smokes?

well... what i heard was lady gaga smokes alot but i really did not believed but i really do not know but stefani ( lady gaga) im her biggest fan

How will you know if your classmate is gay?

The most effective way of knowing it, is finding out his interests. For example, if he likes Britney Spears, Madonna or Lady Gaga, it is true to fact that he's gay.

What type of music does lady gaga like?

gay and french music about sex and gay girls

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