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No, it's just a folk tale. Singing while cooking wont affect ANYTHING to do with your love life!!

No, but if you whistle while you twerk, you can make some serious cash

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How does the design of cooking equipment ensure safety while cooking and ease of cleaning?

how does the design of cooking equipment ensure safety while cooking and ease of cleaning

Why are the bottom of the utensils blackened while cooking?

Why do bottom of utensils blackened while cooking?

What you can do to sweeten the voice in singing while there is rashes?

get singing lessons

Does mindless behavior prefer singing or dancing?

singing while dancing :)

Should you cover a roast while cooking it?

Covering a roast while cooking it will help to retain the juices. Otherwise it may dry out in the cooking process.

Which cooking method ate generally used while cooking vegetables?

Most people simply use the frying method while cooking their vegetables.

Is ti a law you have to wear a hairnet while cooking?

it is not a law that you wear a hairnet while cooking. if you watch cooking shows you will notice most of them do not wear hairnets.

Which cooking method are generally used while cooking vegetables and green leafy vegetable?

Many people in the world prefer to steam vegetables while cooking them.

Why does a frozen roast change colors while cooking in the crock pot?

Any kind of meat will change color while it is cooking. No matter what type of cooking method you are using.

What did Justin Bieber break while singing on stage with Taylor Swift?

Justin Bieber broke his leg while singing with Taylor Swift. :(

Describe one other thing that might burn the children while they are cooking the rice?

If they take a metal spoon while they are cooking

Why is it important to wear protective clothing while cooking?

So you dont get burned while cooking even though its bound to happen

How long has taylor been singing?

Well it depends on what you mean if it how long has she been singing while she is famous then she has been singing since she was 16 but if you mean while she was famous and while she wasn't then she has been singing since she was 2 but learned how to play guitar and started writing her own songs when she was 12. hope I helped:-)

What are they doing while singing?

fidling with their pubes?

Where is a microphone used?

On stage while singing .

What is the difference a performance and singing a song?

Performing means you put on a show-- Like, dancing while singing. But a performance doesn't necessarily have to do with singing.

Why do you need to wear an cooking glove while cooking?

To protect your hands from being burned.

What is the difference between basting and marinating?

Basting is pouring liquid on something while it is cooking and marinating is soaking something in a sauce before cooking. Marinating is used to season and tenderize while basting is used to keep from drying out while cooking.

What are the most likely hazards you will encounter while cooking?

Some hazards that you may encounter while cooking are cutting yourself, burns, and illness

Where did Nick Jonas discover singing?

Nick Jonas discovered singing while getting a haircut when he was six. :)

What is Avril lavigne passionate about?

singing covers badly, and appearing to be punk while singing outright pop.

Do you leave the netting on the ham while cooking?


What are the things you can see while cooking?


Do you leave the meat thermometer in while you are cooking?

No you do not.

Do you turn over the turkey while cooking?