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Q: Is the 357 magnum ruger chambered to shoot the 357 sig round?
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Can a 12 gauge Winchester Model 59 semiautomatic shoot magnum shells?

Is it chambered for magnum shells? If not, the answer is NO.

Can you shoot a 41 magnum round out of a 44 magnum revolver?


Can a 38 shoot 357 ammunition?

No! A firearm chambered for the .38 cannot safely shoot .357 magnum ammunition. The .357 has a longer case and overall cartridge length, and a much stronger powder charge. The .357 magnum will not fit into a .38 revolver, and if it did the chamber pressure would exceed the design of the .38 and could cause catastrophic failure of the firearm, in an injurious or deadly way. However, you can shoot a .38 special round safely through a .357 magnum as they both share the same caliber bullet. The same holds true with shooting a .44 special through a .44 magnum.

Can you shoot .357 caliber ammunition out of a long gun?

IF a rifle is chambered in caliber .35y magnum, yes. Among others, Marlin made a lever action .357 magnum rifle.

Can you shoot a 38 round out of a 44 magnum?

No, you cannot. The .38 Special can be fired out of .357 Magnum revolver (but not automatics or lever action rifles), however.

What does a Winchester 9422m shoot?

The letter M after the model number 9422 indicates that your Winchester lever action rifle is chambered for the 22WMR(Winchester Magnum Rimfire) cartridge.

What is the best cartridges for Smith and Wesson revolver model 28-2?

Thye smith&wesson model 28-2 was chambered for the .357 magnum cartridge.I would say Start with the one round that you and the gun shoot best.Then you can experiment on different weight bullet loads.You may also shoot standard .38 special loads in your model 28.

Can 20 gauge Remington express shoot 3 magnum shotshell?

Yes as long as the chamber is marked for the It would say chambered for 2 3/4 or 3in shell.

Can you shoot 5.56 mm ammo in Ruger?

Depends. If you mean the Ruger Mini-14 or Ranch Rifle, yes, you can. It is chambered for .223 and 5.56x45 ammo. If you read the owner's manual (available on the Ruger website) it will tell you that on page 13. The Target Model is ONLY for .223. Of course, the 6.8mm and the Mini-30 use different ammo entirely.

What semi auto guns shoot the 5.45x39 round?

Several AR 15 makers make uppers for it. --- This round was originally chambered for the AK-74 series of rifles.

A 357 Magnum revolver can also shoot one other kind of round besides 357 Mag What is it?

That would be 38cal. ammo

What is the value of a 6-shot 22 magnum Ruger Model Six revolver?

id say about 100$ cuz the magnum chamber is less popular than the .22 lr cuz it cost more for ammo and doesnt shoot any better, but in good conditon id pay that

How do you shoot your loads?

In firearms chambered for them.

Can you shoot 22-250rem rounds with a sako L579 22-250?

Yes,Remington designed the round, and it can be fired in any good quality gun chambered for 22-250. Just as 300 Winchester Magnum was designed by Win, but any make of 300 Win Mag ammo can be fired in any good firearm designed for 300 Win Mag.

Can a Ruger Vaquero 44 magnum use 44 special ammo?

Yes, and it is more comfortable to shoot than .44 Mag. Clean the cylinder chambers well after shooting to prevent carbon buildup ahead of the cartridges.

What year was 357 magnum police service six serial number152-91537?

1977 plus shoot 38 round all so...... wow!

Which gun will shoot farther a daisy 22 or a 22 magnum?

Magnums usually shoot faster. Hence the term Magnum

What ammo can a win mag rifle shoot?

Only what it is chambered for.

Can a ruger mini 14 5801 model shoot NATO 5.56?

It says it can on Ruger's website.

What guns shoot a 223?

Let's see... Remington makes a variant of the 700 chambered in .223, I believe the Ruger M77 is available in .223... not 100 percent certain about the Winchester Model 70, but I believe it is or was available in .223. .223 Remington ammunition can also be cycled through rifles chambered for 5.56x45, such as the AR-15, Ruger Mini 14 Ranch (the Target models have a dedicated .223 chamber), variants of the Daewoo K2, Kel Tec SU17, some AK-based rifles, etc.

What is the range of a Desert Eagle?

That will depend on what caliber it is chambered for, the bullet used, the barrel used and the weather at the time. note: at one time the Magnum Research information state a 14" barrel 357 magnum gun could shoot up to 300 yards away (900 feet, or an eighth of a mile.)

What is the value and history of a colt new service us army model 1917 number 46394 this is chambered in 357 mag?

No collector value. The 1917 was never chambered in 357 magnum.DO NOT SHOOT IT UNTIL A GUNSMITH CHECKS IT OUT!If you want to know how it left the factory, you will have to get it lettered.

Can you shoot a 44 special round in a 44 mag pistol?

Yes. The 44 special is a bit shorter than the 44 magnum, so it will fit in the cylinder of the 44 mag. The reverse won't work, however. A 44 mag cannot be fired in a revolver chambered for the 44 special because the 44 mag is too long and won't fit in the cylinder of the 44 special.

Can you shoot 22 long rifle shot shells in your marlin 25mn?

Your rifle should be chambered for .22 Magnum. As such, the chamber is too long and too big for .22 Long Rifle and, if the shell will fire, the case will usually split. Not recommended.

Can you shoot 3 inches shells non magnum in a 2 34 shot gun sears modal 20 12 gauge they are high velocity?

The length of the chamber in a 2 3/4 inch chambered shotgun is 2 3/4". The longer 3" shotgun shells will not fit in the chamber, being 1/4" too long. You can shoot 2 3/4" shotgun shells, of the correct gauge, in a 3" chambered shotgun.