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Its from the date it was reported to the agency. It will show that paid if it has been paid, but will remian on your credit report for 7years. Usually liens or levys are in my past experince not reported with a credit agency, when they levy an account or a home, it will show up when you want to refi your home, or sell it. Hope this helps. Actually, I believe it's seven years from the date it is satisfied (paid).

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Can bad credit and companies get your inheritance?

If you have outstanding debts, any assets, including inheritance, can be levied to satisfy the debt.

Can personal property be levied when a judgment is placed against you for credit card deliquency?

Answer: If your credit card company obtains a judgment against you they may take any property of value that they can find.

What is the main function of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency?

The main function of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is to help ensure adequate and proper food safety standards in Canada. Fines are levied for companies that do not meet the standards.

In New Jersey if your spouse's bank account was levied from a New York tax will it reflect on your credit?

Only if you are a party to the levy execution.

How can I use the word 'levied' in a sentence?

The American colonists allegedly revolted because of the taxes levied.

What rhymes with levied?

There are no perfect rhymes for levied.source;

What is the definition of the word 'levied'?

The word "levied" means "imposed," as in "levied a tax." For further reference, definitions of English words can be found online via a variety of free dictionaries.

What if you don't go to your court date for ticket?

If you do not appear, you will be found guilty, the penalty for the specific offence will be levied and the decision will be reported to your insurance company. This may or may not affect your insurance rates.

What is sales tax rate in Queens New York?

The default sales tax rate in New York is 7%, of which 4% is levied by the state. Credit Profile Number

Can my retirement pension be levied fro credit card debt?

No. All SS, VA, RRB and private pensions are exempt from garnishment for creditor debt in all states.

What is a sentence using the word levied?

Taxes levied incited the American colonists to revolt in 1775.

Can credit card accounts be levied?

No. Levy means to impose a tax or fine on someone. For example: The town has the right to levy fines on anyone who is caught dumping on city property.

What is a tax levied on any asset inherited?

The tax levied on inheritances is an inheritance tax, and an estate tax can also be involved... it is levied on the assets of the deceased rather than the legacy of the inheritors.

What is a sentence with the word levied in it?

levied is the same word as levy u change the y and make it a ied

What type of tax is levied directly on the entire estate of a person?

Estate taxes are levied on the entire estate of a person.

In Ohio does a spouse assume partners debt that was incurred before the marriage?

No. Although the spouse can be affected by the outstanding debt when applying for joint credit or if a joint bank account is levied by a judgment creditor.

Can credit card debt be levied from an personal bank accounts in Texas?

Credit card companies can not do that. To get the money you owe when you have decided not to pay, they must win a judgment first. The court has the ability to force you to pay the money you owe or jail you for contempt. if you have the abilitry to pay what you owe, you should do so.

What are synonyms of levied?

Enlisted, drafted

What is the synonym of levied?

imposed or collected

How often can your bank account be levied?

A bank account can be levied as often as necessary. This will make sure that debts are paid off by the debtor.

Can a bank account be levied?

If you owe the money, and the lender goes thru all the channels to collect, then yes a bank account can be levied.

Are taxes levied on consumers or the producers?

taxes are usually levied up on producer but by shifting tax the consumer aer also effected

What is the subject on which a tax is levied?

tax base

What is the subject on which the tax is levied?

tax base

Can your bank account be levied in nc?