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No, in most cases, the Intel Pentium 2.4 outperforms the AMD Sempron 2500+

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โˆ™ 2009-10-19 19:20:40
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Q: Is the AMD Sempron 2400 equivalent in speed to a Pentium4 2.4ghz processor?
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What is the equivalent Intel processor to the amd sempron 3100 processor?

I believe I read somewhere that the Intel Celeron line was the equivalent to the sempron line

What is Amd sempron 140 processor equivalent to Intel?


Is the sempron a dual core processor?

sempron is not a dual core processor.

What are the mhz for the powerspec 5500?

PowerSpec 5500 system has AMD Sempron processor (Sempron 3100+) running at 1.8GHz (1800MHz)

What is the processor speed for the Dell Inspiron 546 MT Desktop Computer (AMD Sempron LE1300)?

The Dell Inspiron 546 MT Desktop Computer (AMD Sempron LE1300) has a processor speed of 2.3 GHz.

Is an AMD Athlon processor compatible to an AMD Sempron motherboard?

Yes, It is compatible.

Is Intel pentium4 3.00GHz will be able to support 1TB Hard disk?

It depends on motherboard not on processor.

Does the Sempron processor support 64 -bit operating system?

Yes, I believer so because its is a AMD64 Technology processor.

What is the difference between mobile AMD Sempron processor and AMD Athlon 64 x2 dual-core processor?

The AMD Sempron processor is a budget processor developed to be placed in computers that are designed for everyday use. They are a single core processor, but the newer ones have 64-bit support and are sometimes called Sempron64's. The Athlon processor is a little more efficient due to the dual cores.

What is the different between AMD Sempron 3500 1.8GHz Processor and core 2 duo processor?

Core 2 Duo will most probably be faster but a bit more expensive

What is the difference between Sempron and Athlon?

The Sempron is a cost-reduced reduced version of the Sempron, with a smaller L2 cache.

Is the AMD processor adequate for home use?

Depends - AMD make lots of different processors - What one are you looking at (Athlon, Phenom, Sempron)

Which AMD desktop processor is comparable to the Intel Celeron D?

As the Celeron D is a product line and not a specific processor, there is no specific comparable processor. Depending on the model. the Celeron D is comparable in performance to various Athlon 64, Athlon XP, and Sempron processors.

Are AMD V-Series Processor good?

In short, the V-series is the lowest performing mobile chip currently offered by AMD. That doesn't mean that it is bad either. In comparison to a Sempron or Celeron processor it is faster.

What processor are used with the socket am3 connector?

You can use an amd sempron or an amd athlon II with an am3 socket, but when am3 was released it was meant to be used with the amd phenom line of CPUs. You can use all three: amd sempron, amd athlon II & amd phenom.

Which is a better processor amd sempron le-1250 or a amd turion x2 2200 dual core processor?

Turion. The sempron is, i believe single core and that for me counts it right out. advantages of the LE sempy are its low energy useage- ideal for a back up PC or other unit that's left on 24/7, other than that go for the Turion. I take it this is for a laptop choice?

What laptop to buy for browsing and internet purposes?

I recommend a laptop with a processor of Sempron or Duron, depending on your tastes. Duron is an intel-brand, however Sempron to my knowledge is cheaper, and does the job. Additionally, I'd say at least with the specs of 2 gigs of RAM. That should be a cheap buy and fit your purposes.

How good is an AMD Sempron 2100 dual-core processor?

When asking how "good" something is, especially when it comes to microprocessors, it is vital that you have some point of comparison. The AMD Sempron X2 2100 was designed to be a low-end processor, and it is over a year old (as of the time of this answer), so it obviously doesn't compare well to newer and high-end processors. Its suitability also depends on what type of applications you are planning to use it for.

What is the difference between the new Athlon processors AMD Sempron and Athlon 64?

The athlon 64 is a 64 bit processor. Not many operating systems are capable of using that feature. The processor is backward compatible and will still run the conventional instruction set.

Is a AMD Processor V-140 any good?

Probably just as good for browsing internet or checking emails. It's a single core processor compared in performance with the old AMD Sempron 754 pin CPU family of processors.

Can you change the processor of a laptop from amd sempron to Intel?

Intel and amd use different socket types so no you wont be able to use an Intel CPU in an amd motherboard

Can you replace an AMD Sempron 3500 plus with an AMD Phenom?

Processors are generally exchangable, as long as(!) the motherboard support the other processor, both with socket and BIOS compatibility. so probably no you cannot if your running a sempron. unless you are running it on a sweet motherboard and just upgrading from a bare bone setup which i take you are probably not.

Which is best AMD sempron or AMD Turion?

The AMD Sempron is AMD's brand for low-cost processors. These are primarily desktop processors that are meant for users on a budget who do not have extensive computing needs (i.e. web, e-mail, word processing, etc.).The AMD Turion is AMD's mobile-grade processor specifically meant for laptops. These processors draw less power and generate less heat than desktop processors, which is why they are desirable for laptop environments.The AMD Turion is a much better CPU for use in laptops as the improved power efficiency means longer battery life, and the Turion (not being a low-cost processor) is also likely to be a faster performing processor over the Sempron.

Is an AMD Sempron processor fast?

Compared to an AMD Athlon? no.. Compared to an Intel Celeron? meh.. An AMD Sempron is basically an Athlon that didn't perform as fast as it should, so they hack away at the performance some more to release a semi-standardized, cheaper, CPU. Intel did the same thing with their Pentiums and turned them into Celerons.