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Q: Is the APA ever coming back?
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Is iCarly ever coming on?

is icarly ever coming back on

When is HBK coming back?

I dont think HBK is ever coming back

Is ELF's bath products ever coming coming back?

wen will the elf no the shelph coming back

Is the undertaker ever coming back?

yeha undertaker is coming back in 2 weeks

Is nysnc ever coming back to tour?

never ever ever.

Is charmed ever coming back out?


When is Megaupload coming back?

never ever ever. ok

Is mindless behavior ever coming back to Minnesota?

Yeap. They are coming back to Minnesota in the summer =)

Is Rockhopper ever coming back to club penguin?

he is coming back around 2011 June or July

Is One Tree Hill coming back on?

Season 9 is the last season ever, so no it will not be coming back on after that

Is the rock ever coming back to the WWE?

i hope

Is freestyle music ever coming back?


Is jazz ever coming back?

Very unlikely

When is drop dead diva on lifetime ever coming back on and is it true that it is coming back in September?

According to Lifetime website, it will be back in June!

Is action all-stars is coming back ming back soon?

He's not he is hert so he's not coming back ever.

Is Jeff Jarret ever coming back to TNA?

no he will never come back.

When is Chris Brown coming back to DC?

he is never ever coming back to dc for the rest of his life he is going to move to teaneck new jersey he is never ever coming back to dc for the rest of his life he is going to move to teaneck new jersey

What happens to the sun's radiation that reaches earth?

it burns and keeps coming back then burning and coming back, it never stops, ever.

Is hhh ever coming back to WWE?

Yes defo

Is hbk coming back ever again to WWE?


Are the Jonas Brothers ever coming back to Georgia?


When is toonami coming back on cartoonnetwork?

No it's gone never ever ever coming back.Some Say That Tom Said Something About Him Coming BackTom:Until we meet again Stay Gold.........bang.He said *Until we meet again* so it's unknown.

When is Victoria from young and the restless coming back to the show?

yes i think she isn't ever coming back until next year maybe

When is Sasuke coming back?

I don't think that Sasuke ever coming back, the path he going now he not coming back I think someone going to kill him or you may never know he may come back to the village 50%!

Is Dragonball ever coming back to America?

Dude, I hope so.