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Is the Amazon rainforest alongside the Amazon River?


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The Amazon rainforest spreads itself over several countries in South America and not only alongside the Amazon river.

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Not exactly, piranhas are in the Amazon river not the actual rainforest

It is called the Amazon rainforest because its home is the Amazon River Basin.

The Amazon River is not part of the African rainforest. The Amazon River is located in the continent of South America. It is in the rainforest there.

The Amazon rainforest is the tropical jungle/forest of the Amazon River Basin or valley of South America.

who depends on the amazon rainforest

The AmazonThe Amazon rainforest. Same name as the world's second longest river, also in Brazil.The rainforest in Brazil is located in the Amazon Basin and the rainforest is called the Amazon Rainforest.

The Amazon River flows threw the Amazon rain forest.

it is the widest and longest river and it runs through the amazon rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest, covering the Amazon River Basin, South America, is the largest rainforest in the world.

River dolphins live in rivers in the Amazon rainforest among others

Electric eels live in some parts of the amazon river, near the amazon rainforest.

The Amazon Rainforest, which relates to the largest river in South america, The Amazon River.

The Amazon river is neither. The Amazon River is the world's second largest river, running through the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil And much of Peru.

yes it is it is also the longest river in the rainforest

It is in Brazil, and it is all around the amazon river

they live in the amazon river:)

In South America. The Amazon Rainforest is in the Amazon Basin which is the part of South America drained by the Amazon River which is the largest river in the world.

Andes Mountains, Brazilian River, Amazon River........

The Amazon Rainforest is situated near Peru, Venezueala, Bolivia, Suriname, Columbia, and Equedor. The mouth of the river Amazon is in Peru.

This river is called the Amazon river (Runs through north of brazil and has the same name as a rainforest)

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