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What are the Bahamas imports?

The Bahamas imports are minerals,salt,rum,and animals

Mineral products exported from the Caribbean?

minerals product exported from the Caribbean are vegetable and fruit minerals from the Bahamas are salt animals products,rum and chemical

What type of minerals do the Bahamas have?

Maybe If wikipedia had this on they're website, id be able to get the information I need to answer this question!

What is the Bahamas called?

Officially, the Bahamas are called the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

What are the Bahamas known as?

Officially the Bahamas are known as the Commonwealth of the Bahamas,

What is Bahamas nationality?


Are there volcanoes in the Bahamas?

no there are no Valcanoes in the Bahamas

Are there deserts in the Bahamas?

No, there are no deserts in The Bahamas.

What is the oficial name of Bahamas?

The Bahamas

What history does the Bahamas have?

the Bahamas history is...

Official name of Bahamas?


How do you say the Bahamas in spanish?


Do the Bahamas have rainforest's?

there are no rainforests in the Bahamas

Is there volcanoes in the Bahamas?

No, there are no volcanoes in the Bahamas.

How do you say how are you in Bahamas language?

The language of the Bahamas is English and Bahamas Creole English:English = How are you?Bahamas Creole English = What da wybe is?

What are the main religions in the Bahamas?

WHAT IS THE MAIN RELIGION IN THE BAHAMAS?The main religion in the Bahamas is Christianity.

Does the Bahamas have a prime minister or chief minister?

The Bahamas currently has a prime minister.Head of Governments of the Bahamas:The Bahamas Islands had a chief minister from 1955 to 1964. Then the Bahamas Islands had a premier from 1964 to 1969.The Bahamas Islands had a prime minister first in 1969.Reforming as The Bahamas on 1973 July 10, The Bahamas has been led by a prime minister since.

What continent is the Bahamas?

Bahamas is in North America.

Is the Bahamas in the US?

No the Bahamas is an independent nation.

Capital of Bahamas?

Nassau, is the capital of the Bahamas.

What is The Bahamas official name?

the Commonwealth of the bahamas

What is the capitol of the Bahamas?

the Capital of the Bahamas is: Nassau

How do you spell Bahamas?

The correct spelling is 'Bahamas'.

Are the Bahamas in the US?

No the Bahamas are an independent nation.

Is black beard from the Bahamas?

No, but he traveled to the Bahamas.