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No, it was written specifically for the ride, bringing together all the children of the world.

2006-07-23 11:38:23
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Which Disney film its a small world?

The song "It's a Small World" is not in any Disney movie; it is the theme music for the "Small World" ride at Disneyland.

What is mark salling's favorite song?

It's A Small World by Disneyland ft. lost kids that never got found

What song played in the movie small sacrifices?

Hungry like the wolf

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Is the Its a Small World song in Public Domain?

"It's a Small World" was written for the UNICEF attraction at the 1964 World's Fair in New York. At UNICEF's request, the song was not copyrighted, the only Disney creation to hold that distinction. The song was considered a gift to the children of the world.

What movie has the song it's the end of the world?

The song is heard at the beginning of the film Independence Day.

What movie does the song foxy lady appear in?

Wayne's World

In which movie was a whole new world song?

Aladin (from disney)

What are titles of songs from the movie Wagon Master?

the song in the world

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What movie had the song i will stop the world and melt with you?

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Just some small dialogue changes.

What movie featured the song form skeeter Davis the end of the world?

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Who is the Author of the song It's a Small World After All?

w.b yeats

What is the song playing in the Disneyland adventures commercial?

OneRepublic "Good Life"

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What movie is the song Part Of This World From?

it is from Walt Disney's little mermaid

Was the song ballroom blitz in a movie?

Yes, in the movie Wayne`s World It was also in Daddy Daycare

What movie does the Taio Cruz song Telling the World come from?

Rio movie.. the blue bird moive

What song was played on the radio in the movie small sacrifices?

"Hungry Like the Wolf" by Duran Duran

Why is When You Wish Upon a Star the saddest Disney song?

Because the beat and key for that song is to slow and 68% of Disneyland cried when they heard that song.

What is the origin of the song it's a small small world?

YOUR MOM ok so all you need to do is use google

What is the Name of the song that has the words safe in your arms again from a World War 2 movie?

the movie was Tears in the Rain with Sharon Stone...great song but I can't find it anywhere except in the movie

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