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Is the God in heaven real?


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April 17, 2011 5:36PM

no. the world is a system of action and reaction. the planet can support itself on its own and mankind is just another species on its surface. because mankind 'rules the world' we develop and overwhelming sense of awareness for our own soul. the human body is just an organic machine like any other living thing. the evidence that can be held against the church and the religious community that the world is a process of existence in the grand scale of the universe is overwhelming. take a look at history and tell me why we are atheist about the thousands of gods man has ever believed in besides ours. why did god show himself with every prayer in the bible...but hides his face ever since man has looked for him? you have to realize that you, the one that has asked this question, is no different from me, or the next person reading this, and as scary and self conflicting as it may seem it is the truth. inside we are living humans and we are all asking the same question.. why. before we can answer this, everyone on the planet must first ask how.

I'm 15, not some crazy old atheist guy.