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Is the Golden Trout on the endangered?

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No the golden trout is not endangered.

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Is a golden trout a predator or a prey?

both if golden trout wasn't a predictor than what will they eat.

What is the area of Golden Trout Wilderness?

The area of Golden Trout Wilderness is 1,228.265 square kilometers.

Why is the golden eagle endangered?

Why is the golden eagle endangered?

Why are bull trout endangered?

The Bull Trout are endangered because a new fish was introduced to the habitat and ate most of their food source.

Is the brown trout an endangered species?

No, the brown trout is listed as "Least Concern".

Is golden trout the same as rainbow trout?

No. They are two different fish. They live in closely the same habitats.

Is the golden eagle endangered?

No. The golden eagle is not an endangered species.

What are the adaptations of the golden trout?

The golden trout requires clean, cold water and insects and small fish to survive.

Why is the golden jackal an endangered species?

is the golden jackal an endangered species

Why are rainbow trout endangered?

They are endangered because rainbow trout taste good to humans and animals, so we eat too many of them and there are few left

Are brook trout endangered?

No, they are not. Population has declined, but they are neither endangered nor threatened

Are steelhead trout fish endangered?

No..The steelhead is a rainbow trout that spends most of its adult life in the sea.

Why are the Golden Mouse endangered?

why are golden mice endangered? not like normal mice. i mean golden mice that live in the forests

Why are golden eagles endangered?

Golden Eagles are considered endangered for a number of reasons. The number of Golden Eagles in the world are dwindling.

What adaptations do the golden trout have?

they can swim in the toilet.

Are golden eagls the birds endangered?

No, they are not an endangered species.

Why is the golden seal endangered?

It is endangered because of fishing.

Are golden mantled tree kangaroos endangered?

Yes; the Golden-Mantled tree kangaroo is critically endangered.

Is the golden eagle an endangered animal?

The Golden Eagle is NOT an endangered animal, however the famous Bld Eagle IS infact an endangered animal. the golden eagle is the most common eagle in fact on the planet

What known creeks or rivers in the Central Sierra Nevada's have golden trout?

sirrera creek has golda trout

How many golden trout are left today?

Hard to know. Trout are hatched in hatcheries and then plant them in rivers.

Where do Goulden Trout live?

In California, the golden state

Where is the Golden Trout Natural History in Solvang California located?

The address of the Golden Trout Natural History is: 868 Kolding Ave, Solvang, CA 93463-2237

Why is the golden parakeet endangered?

the golden parakeet is endangered because people keep cutting down trees in brazil.

Are golden lion tamarins endangered?

Yes, the golden lion tamarins are an endangered species.