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Is the HDMI cable coaxial?


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No. HDMI cable uses a 19-pin connector for twisted pair connections that carry video, audio and control in digital format.


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Coaxial adapters for YPBPR cable can be found at most Radio Shack stores. This type of cable in VGA and Audio to HDMI conversions.?æ

Composite RCA will be better than a coaxial cable (RG6). The order of quality and maximum resolution from best to worst is: HDMI (including HDMI 1.4 3D) DVI Component Video S-Video Composite Coaxial cable

You can get coaxial (coax) or HDMI cord online or at best buy or target.

You can't. You will have to use a HD cable box with an HDMI output to connect this receiver.

I could be wrong, but I believe you are talking about an HDMI cable. Between the antenna and the TV set use RG6 cable.

Uses of Coaxial Cable?

Yes. Most modern TV's have a coaxial input for your cable tv connection and other connections, ideally HDMI for satellite.

coaxial cable speed is slower than fiber optic cable. it is main disadvantage of coaxial cable

The cables that do that are HDMI, Displayport or coaxial cable (antenna) wires.

how many wires does a coaxial cable have

All Cable TV receivers are a little different. Look at the back of the Cable box receiver and you should see a coaxial out (TV out) or a HDMI port (TV out-for HD Programming). If you do not have a HDMI out port on your cable box (you need a HDTV for this as well), you will need to run a coax wire from the Cable TV receiver to your television coax input. In most cases your TV will then be tuned to channel 3 or 4 to receive programming. If you have HD programming with your Cable company and have an HDMI out on your Cable box, you can use an HDMI cord and connect it to your HDMI port on your HDTV. You will then need to tune to the HDMI input to receive programming.

describe Difference between coaxial cable and twisted pair cable? describe Difference between coaxial cable and twisted pair cable?

It is the loss of data from the coaxial cable during transmission .

coaxial cable is unbalanced transmission line

the center of coaxial cable drrrrrrrrrreinstein

STP is also called coaxial cable

First, run the coaxial cable from the wall to the PVR. Then, hook the coaxial cable from the PVR directly to the TV. Now take the DVD players RCA or HDMI plug, whichever you use, and hook it up to the television directly.

NO, a HDMI cable is just a HDMI cable. The 240 stuff is just hype.

if it fits the hdmi port it should work fine either way.

Transmission speeds of coaxial cable as high as 10Gbps.

Coaxial cable should be used if there is electromagnetic interference on the network

Yea you can use your old xbox 360 cable You can actually use any HDMI - HDMI cable because an HDMI cable is always a HDMI cable

High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet is the fastest at the moment (HDMI 1.4)

This is not an HDMI cable. Its for Playstation only. HDMI to DVI would be a cable, but does not support audio. We do not have a way to tap the audio off of an HDMI port.

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