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No. WWII was the last "Declared War"

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Q: Is the Iraq War considered a declared war?
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Was the war in Iraq a declared war?

No. The US has not participated in a declared war since WWII.

When was war declared on Iraq?

Iran & Iraq may have declared war on each other during their gulf war in 1980-1988.

When was war declared against Iraq?

United States declared war against Iraq on March 20th 2003.

Why was the war on Iraq declared?

War was not declared on Iraq. The military action against Iraq was the result of a UN resolution.

When was the last time US declared war on Iraq?

The last US declared war was WWII.

What date the United States declared war with Iraq?

WW2 was the last declared war fought by the US.

Did President Bush have the Congress' approval to declare war on Iraq?

War was not declared ON Iraq, but rather WITH Iraq on the war against terrorism.

Is the war in Iraq an official war?

Yes it is considered an "official" war. The war is not on Iraq but in Iraq. That is a note that shouldn't be confused.

What are similar things that about the Iraq war and the Vietnam war?

Iraq is a law enforcement problem. NO NATION is at war with Iraq. The US was at war (was actually bombing North Vietnam with B-52's) North Vietnam. And don't bring up that point about "not being a declared war." The American Civil War wasn't declared either. Additionally, there hasn't been a US declared war since December 11, 1941 (when the US declared war on Germany & Italy).

Who is responsible for the war between Iraq and the US in 2012?

As of 2012 there is no war between Iraq and the United States, declared or undeclared.

Did the US declare war on Iraq?

The US last declared war in December 1941.

When did the US declare war on Afghanistan or Iraq?

WWII was the last US declared war.

Is the Afghanistan War considered a declared war?

No. The US is not at war with Afghanistan.

Was Iraq war considered a total war?

The last TOTAL war was WWII.

What is a preventive war?

A preventative war is a war that is declared with the goal of preventing a much larger war outbreak in the near future. An example would be the Iraq War (if we assume that Iraq did have Weapons of Mass Destruction). Under the concept of preventative war, the Invasion of Iraq would have the goal of preventing a chemical or nuclear war started by Iraq in the near future.

How did the us decleared war with Iraq?

The last US declared war was December 11, 1945.

What nation was invadedby Iraq in 1990?

Kuwiat was invaded by Iraq in the 1990s for oil purposes. The USA got involved and declared war on Iraq. this war was commonly knoown as Operation Desert Storm, the Gulf War, or the Persian Gulf War.

Did gulf war wen the war?

Iraq was generally considered the victor of the 1980-1989 Gulf War between Iran and Iraq.

Is the war in Iraq a real congress aproved war or is it just a techinaical war?

Congress not only approved the war, but declared it, because the President does not have that power.

What did the countries of Egypt Iraq Jordan Lebanon and Syria do on the day Israel declared its independence?

They declared war on the fledgling Jewish State.

During what war was George W. Bush president?

The Iraq War aka the Occupation of Iraq, though it is not "officially" a declared war by the United States and is instead a military campaign. He also started/caused the Afghanistan war

Who was the 2003 Iraq war declared by?

Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003 to present) is a military operation (campaign). The last declared war fought by the US was WW2.

Did bush declare war after September 11?

Technically, the "war on terrorism" is not a war. Bush never declared a war and he never got the approval of congress to go into Iraq.

What does the Iraq War have to do with the Constitution?

The Iraq War has nothing to do with the United States Constitution. The war was not declared in defense of the Constitution, to help the Constitution, or to promote any vision of the Constitution. However, there is a debate as to whether the Iraq War is a legal War by the American Definition because there was no formal Declaration of War by Congress, which is required by the Constitution and subsequent Laws of the United States.

Why is the war in Iraq there?

The War in Iraq is in Iraq is a tautology. The reason it is called the Iraq War is specifically because it is in Iraq.