Is the London bridge in London?

Yes and no, London bridge is in London and there has been a bidge on the site for 2,000 years. The current one was opened in 1973. However the previous one which was in place from 1831 to 1968 is in Lake Havasu Arizona! An urban myth that the Amercian entreprenur thought he was buying the Tower bridge has been denied by all parties in the sale. This bridge replaced the much older bridge which stood in pace for 600 years so it's not the original one. The bridge was sold to Robert McCulloch who dismatled it and rebuilt it in a town in Arizona. The townspeople were very disappointed though as they thought they were getting Tower bridge - the bridge that opens up to let ships through. London bridge is a conventional bridge and much less iconic of London to tourists than the 1894 Tower Bridge which is still mistakenly refered to by many tourists as London Bridge.