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In my experience no. Pretty equal, but the Remington's got it all over the marlin for speed of reloading, accuracy and power. The Remo's do malfunction with some of the flinky 10 shot aftermarket mags out there sometimes and I have seen the new 7615's break firing pins although this was attributed to ammunition.

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Q: Is the Marlin 1894 lever action more dependable than the Remington 7600 slide action?
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Marlin 35 Remington Model 336 Lever Action Serial Number 69 115204 when was it made?

Can marlin make you a pump 30 30?

Marlin, currently owned by Remington, produces lever action and bolt action rifles. They probably could make you a pump action .30-30 but it would be unlikely that you could convince them to do this as a custom job unless you offered tens of thousands of dollars to possibly re-chamber a Remington 7600, modify its magazine to hold and feed the rimmed cartridge and stamp it with Marlin markings. You would do better to go with lever action...that is the action the .30-30 was designed for.

Which is a better gun Marlin 22 vs Remington 22?

If you want a lever get the Marlin, if you want a pump get the Remington, if however you want a semi-auto get a Ruger.

What are some tipe of repeating rifles?

Marlin, Winchester, Henry, Sako, Remington The TYPES may include bolt action, pump, lever action, and autoloading as the most common types.

What is the value of a marlin 1897 lever action 22?

The marlin 1897 lever action 22 is valued at $555 in fair condition. In excellent condition, it is valued at $1,150.

Do they make a Remington lever action rifle?

No, bolt-action only. Bummer! I was under the impression that they did some years back but discontinued the 35 cal. lever action rifle by Remington

How do you fix lever action jammed in down position on Marlin 39A 22 rifle?

I have a Marlin 30 30 deer rifle and it is jammed with the lever action down how can I unjam it?

What is the value of a 45-70 caliber marlin lever action rifle?

Depending on condition, a Marlin 1895 lever action in 45-70 sells for $400-$500.

Where is serial number on marlin 336RC?

I have Marlin Model 336RC lever action I inherieted recently... Serial number I found was under the lever.

Who manufactured sears model 46 lever action 22?

I think it was Marlin. For sure it was Marlin

What is the value of a Marlin 22caliber lever action Model 1892 lever action with serial 292280?

50-175 USD

What are the calibers of lever action rifles?

.22 to 450 Marlin

How many rounds does a lever action 3030 marlin rifle hold?

A marlin lever action 30-30 rifle can hold fife shells in the magazine and one in the chamber.

How old is a marlin lever action 38 w with serial 67044?

If I understand your question correctly,you have a Marlin lever action rifle chambered in 38WCF(38-40).If that is the case,then you have a Marlin model 1889 rifle,that was made in the year 1892.

What are some types of coon-hunting rifles of the 1950's?

Mossberg, Savage, Remington, Winchester, Marlin, .22 caliber rifles. They could be lever action, bolt action, pump, or semi auto.

What is the value of a rememington 35 cal lever action rifle?

Remington never made a 35 caliber lever action rifle, you have a rifle by some other manufacturer in 35 Remington, who's?

How to unlodge a Marlin lever action rifle?

Take it to a gun smith.

Did marlin firearms make a lever action rifle that ejected from the top?


What is the price of a marlin model 410 lever action shotgun?


How is is your marlin 38.55 lever action rifle serial 93777?


What is the value of Marlin lever action 38w Sn. 41436?

The Marlin lever action 38w, serial number 41436 is valued at $700 in excellent condition. It is valued at $500 in fair condition.

What is the value Marlin 22 1929 39A lever action in good condition?

The Marlin 22 1929 39A lever action in good condition is valued at $400. In excellent condition, it is valued at $600.

What is the marlin 30TK?

It's a version of the Marlin 336 lever action rifle that was made for KMart back in the day.

What is the date of manufacture on marlin 30as lever action rifle 13085758?

Your Marlin rifle was made in the year 1987.

How do you take apart a marlin lever action rifle?

The Gun Digest bookstore: sells the Assembly/Disassembly manual for centerfire rifles that discusses the Marlin lever action rifles.