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Is the Mcford high school accredited?


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All private schools online or otherwise need to be accredited in order for their diploma to be recognized and accepted, I looked at this school's website and it seems like it is an accredited online school offering diploma programs. Look alright to me.


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Yes. But is not accredited.

McFord University is definately a scam. McFord University, located in Karachi, Pakistan, is not accredited. The accrediting agency by which McFord claims to be accredited - the International Bureau of Education Accreditation (IBOEA) is not a legitimate accrediting agency. The IBOEA is not recognized by the United States Department of Education and it is a sham organizations set up solely to make McFord University look like a legitimate school when, in fact, the school actually has no authority to issue valid degrees.Read more: Is_McFord_university_an_accredited_university

Is pacific high school accredited

A high school is accredited generally by accrediting bodies.

Your high school diploma is accredited when it is issued from a high school that is accredited by an agency recognized by the State or US Department of Education. You will need to find an accredited high school to attend and earn a diploma. Then you will have an accredited high school diploma.

McFord University is a part of a large collection of universities that are accredited by an unrecognized accreditation body. Degrees that are purchased from such places are usually based on "life "experience" and are not recognized as valid qualifications.

is the nation high school diploma fully accredited

The diploma offered by Mcford high school is as real as a traditional high school diploma. Being an online high school does not mean that academic certifications awarded by the school are unreal in any way. The online schools go through the same process of evaluation for accreditation that traditional schools go through. They have to maintain quality standards and follow the same guidelines.

Adison High School is a duly accredited academic institution.

Yes Benjamin Franklin High School is a fully accredited high school. The National Accreditation Agency granted the accredited status to Benjamin Franklin High School.

No, they are not accepted by properly accredited colleges or universities.

Belford is an accredited online school offering high school diploma program.

Online schools have to be accredited in order to be recognized and Stenford looks like an accredited online school offering high school diploma programs.

No, Benjamin Franklin High School is not accredited by the Board of Education.

McFord University claims to be accredited but the accreditation body is unrecognized and carries no weight in any genuine academic circles. Therefore, any qualification that is offered or awarded by McFord University is considered to be worthless by all other genuine academic institutions..Consumers need to be warned about McFord University and ALL of the other website associated with this group in Pakistan. Below is a list of other unaccredited schools associated with McFord:Ashwood UniversityBelford University, Belford High SchoolCambell UniversityCorllins UniversityHeadway UniversityHill UniversityLorenz UniversityNorthern Port UniversityMcFord UniversityPanworld UniversityRochville University, Rochville High SchoolWestern Advanced Central UniversityWestern Valley Central UniversityWilson State UniversityWoodfield University, Woodfield High

Belford high school is an accredited online school.

Ashworth High School is regionally and nationally accredited by SACS, CITA and DETC.

Belford High School is not an accredited school. It is a Diploma Mill

Nation High School is a fully recognized and accredited high school. It is accredited by two reputable accreditation agencies for its online high school diploma programInternational Online Education Accrediting BoardOrganization for Online Learning Accreditation.

All private schools including online schools need to be accredited with a reputable accreditation agency. Nation is an accredited online school and they offer accredited high school diploma programs. You can always find out if a school is accredited or not from their website or admissions office.

No its not. Its states on their own website they are not accredited.

An accredited high school diploma is typically obtained by attending school online. These diplomas are from actual high schools and differ greatly from a GED certificate.

yes because its high school only has been accredited by the regional accreditation and that's what every normal high school is accredited by

Excel High School is Regionally Accredited by AdvancED, North Central Association CASI and Southern Association of Schools and Colleges CASI.

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