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Monash University has many campuses, including one in Malaysia. The Monash University campus in Malaysia naturally is not as large as some of the campuses in Australia such as the Clayton campus, but all the same, it is still a campus of Monash University and therefore, is required to have the same standards as any other Monash University campus. However, it is impossible to build campuses in different countries which offer identical facilities. In terms of facilities, the campus is catered to strike a balance between the amount of students on campus and the necessity of having such facilities. As a student of Monash University, I can honestly say that Monash University tries VERY hard to standardize the level of each and every one of their campuses in terms of both academic resources and facilities, regardless of their location. The management putsaLOT of effort into ensuring that any campus bearing the Monash name is up to the highest standards in education. However, as the way things generally are, there are always limitations. Such limitations include the size of student population, cultural differences, differences in lifestyles of the students and staff as well as other such differences that comes with being in Malaysia as compared to Australia. Malaysian student do not even WANT some of the facilities that the Australian campus has and if it were included and under-utilized, that would not benefit anyone. And of course, there are limitations that come with being "younger" and hence, less established than its counterparts in Australia. The campus isstill "growing up" and therefore, it needs some time to build itself up and improve in a direction that is different from Australian campuses, to cater more to the Malaysian scene.As far as the lecturers go, Malaysian lecturers teach VERY differently from Australian lecturers and although even as a 101% Malaysian I prefer the latter, I can't say that all students agree with me. Malaysian students are also VERY different from Australian students, so again, Malaysia and Australia are two different scenes. So to answer the question "Is the Monash Malaysia campus up to the same standard set by the original Monash campuses in Australia?", I would have to say... Yes. Whenit comes to the things that matter, such as student rights, basic facilities and other such crucial factors that make or break a campus, all Monash University campuses, be it the campus in Malaysia or Australia, are on the same page. And evenIF the Monash campus of Malaysia was theworst of all Monash campuses out there (which isn't the case), I would still have to say that it is the best university in Malaysia that caters for a fantastic student experience in all aspects, including academics, extra-curriculars and important life skills. Monash University takes care of its students exceptionally well. And it makes great efforts to ensure that there are facilities and opportunities for the students to explore and find their niche. There has never been a time where I felt that my voice was not heard, regardless of how small it may be. Unfortunately, I find that most Malaysian students do not take the opportunity to make use of the resources that the University provides and this makes it difficult for the university to further improve. However, despite the fact that Monash University continuously strives to standardize its campuses, all Monash campuses are different as they are catered to their location and their students. They offer different experiences, but all of them still excel in terms of management as they are run by the same system. So, there really is no easy way to answer this question unless it's put forward in a more specific way. However, I have tried my best and I hope it suits you well. To sum it all up for you, Monash University always sees its campuses as a work in progress and therefore, they continue to strive to improve things. However, the Malaysia campus has had the benefit of being under the Monash umbrella and hence, it standards compared to other universities in Malaysia are already quite high. In every way that counts, the Monash University campus in Malaysia is very much on par with the "original" campuses in Australia. But of course, each campus offersits ownunique experience. So you can't really generalise and compare with strict rules. Rest assured, however, that the students are very well taken care of.I love it here and there is no other place that I'd rather be. The official motto of Monash University (in ALL campuses) is 'Ancora Imparo'. It means 'I'm still learning'. We learn as we go along. And we improve as we go along. This state of mind applies to students and staff and it applies to the campus development as well. We continuously strive to learn and improve and this is what makes the University so great. And this is also exactly why, I stand by my comment earlier that Monash University is by far the best university in Malaysia.

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