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Is the Narcissist prone to manic depressive behavior?

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Hi, Yes some Narcissistic people can be prone to similar behavious that is expressed in a manic depressive person. Also some manic depressive, during the early stages of the illness can be diagnosed as Narcisstic.

2006-07-20 20:30:55
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Evidence does not suggest that Beethoven was insane. However, he was prone to fits of manic-depression.

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What are the common symptoms of Bipolar?

Bipolar disorder, or manic-depressive disorder, is a mood disorder. Sufferers at times can be perfectly normal, but are prone to bouts of deep depression, even suicidal depression, alternating with periods of euphoric happiness - a mental state in which the world is a wonderful place in which the sufferer may feel that he or she is able to accomplish great things. In the UK, Stephen Fry is a well known sufferer from, and writer about, bipolar disorder.

If you don't ask a narcissist a straight question but you expect them to know the question you wan't to ask are they prone to get angry annoyed with you etc?

Narcissists don't like being questioned AT ALL. Period.

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How can you find out if a loved one is bipolar?

Take them to a psychologist. Go from there. That's the only way to really know for sure. The symptoms are being in one of two emotional states. Either manic or depressive. These states will switch though, whether by an environmental trigger, or by something emotionally triggered. When someone is manic, they feel like they can take on the world, are ecstatic, full of energy, but even though that might sound "ok" they are prone to irritability, anger, rage, not sleeping and hurting themselves or others when they are out of control. Depression on the other hand, is when they might be in bed all day, have no desire to do anything, even things they normally enjoy, tired all the time, isolating themselves, thoughts of suicide etc. but the thing with bipolar is that these moods switch, proper medication and therapy can help control these things, but the person has to be willing to try. good luck.

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