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Yes it can be chipped. All versions of ps2 can be chipped.

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โˆ™ 2007-02-09 00:14:46
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Q: Is the PS2 Slimline chippable
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What is the Processing Power of the ps2?

The PS2 processor runs at from 294.0 MHz to 299.0 MHz for the "Slimline PS2 ".

What PS2 games are incompatible or affected in the Slimline PlayStation 2?

there arent really any games that are affected by the slimline PS2. however the earlier models have shown that they stop paying blue/purple disks after a while but these are with the first models released by sony and will not happen with a slimline. hope I helped John

Is a PS2 slimline backward compatible?

yes they do play some Playstation titles

Does the PlayStation two overheat?

the PS2 slimline does overheat because there isn't a fan inside it, the larger PS2 does have a fan and will not overheat

How much is the PS2 right now?

The price for the ps2 varies on where you buy it. At Gamestop, a brand new PlayStation 2 console is 129.99 for a silver slimline version. At Sam Goody, the price is also 129.99 for a black slimline version.

Is the slimline PS2 better?

while some people like the fat PS2 the Slim uses less power and runs cooler

Is the PS2 slimline model obsolete?

No there are just newer better systems for those who can afford them

How much would i get for a silver slimline ps2?

$35 at most and maybe only half that at a Gamestop

Why won't my ps2 slimline read my controller it works fine on all my games except one. please help?

The controller may be a ps2 fat controller

How much would you get for a used ps2 at game?

A used PS2 slimline would be around £70 or slightly less at GAME. It should be £70 but check on the GAME website to be sure.

Can you connect a PSP with a ps2 and use your PSP as a controller?

Nope, but if you have a PSP fat and a slimline PS2 you're in luck because of IR remote which allows you to use your PSP as a wireless controller.

Can you play ps2 games on your ps3 slimline?

No the PS3 slim and most fat PS3s do Not Play PS2 games. Only the 4 USB port PS3s could play some PS2 games and you can not play PS2 games on any 2 USB port PS3s

Can you install mcboot with out a code breaker gameshark swap magic or modchip all you have is Slimline ps2 With disc with the sensors patched for disc swaping?


Do fat ps2s work better than slim ps2s?

The fat ps2's in my opinion play better than the slimline ones

Slimline form factor is similar to ATX?

the desktop slimline and the PNC motherboard

Why won't a PlayStation 2 slim play PlayStation 2 games but will PlayStation 1 games?

They should but if your PS2 Slimline won't read PS2 games, then the red laser inside probably burned out. I suggest buying a new one

What slimline form factor is similar to ATX?

There are no similar form factors to ATX if you're talking about a slimline. Slimline form factors are NLX and LPX. The form factors to ATX are BTX, Micro-ATX, and Flex-ATX. There is no correlation between slimline and ATX.

Are the Paris Slimline bags from Mobile Edge vegetarian friendly?

No. The Paris Slimline Backpacks have leather trim.

Can't get my Gran Turismo 4 to work on my ps2 it is new and will not even start to load?

The new gran turismo disc is designed for slimline if you have a fat one then you need to find an odl gran turismo disc. i had the same problem but i had a slimline and the disc was an disc so it coulded work. if you have a fat one then you cant get my old disc if not then by a new disc!

Is the hp slimline good?

Yes it is.

How do you get Internet on PS2?

If you have wireless internet, buy or use a gaming adapter. Hook an ethernet cord to the back of your ps2 to the gaming adapter or ethernet bridge. Now before you do that, make sure the adapter is configured to a computer. Slimline ps2's have a network slot in the back of it. Fat ps2's need a special adapter from the back of the ps2. They are called Ps2 adapters I think. If you have normal internet, I think you need to connect your ps2 to a router or modem with an ethernet cord. Make sure you have the online game CD for your ps2. If you don't have it, you can buy it pretty cheap at

What slimline form factor is similar o atx?


Is CDW45W10 slimline dishwasher a cold fill?

The manual states it is.

Is the HP Pavilion Slimline s5200z a good choice for running photo editing software?

HP Pavilion Slimline s5200z is a powerful enough machine for running processor intensive applications.

Is the PSP slimline and the PSP go the same product?

No, probably not, it depends what one means by 'PSP Slimline'. When people talk about a PSP slim (and lite), they are referring to the PSP 2000. Now maybe someone somewhere is marketing the PSP GO as a 'slimline' PSP but it's not an official designation, most people just call it 'The GO'.