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Yes hands down it is the best.

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Is Pokemon Platinum version the best Pokemon game?

Actually,Pokemon Platinum,Diamond,and Pearl are the bestest game ever on a DS.(EMO)

Is creselia in Pokemon Platinum version?

Yes creselia is is in Pokemon Platinum.

Where do you catch vulpix in Pokemon Platinum?

vulpix is not in Pokemon platinum version.

How do you get the sixth badge in Pokemon Platinum for gba version?

Pokemon platinum GBA version is a hacked version and you cannot get the sixth and eighth badge.

Where can you find chimchar on Pokemon Platinum?

where can i find chimchar in Pokemon platinum version

What is the ID number for Pokemon Platinum version?

The ID For Pokemon Platinum(USA) CPUE d074d1b3

Where do you see Bulbasaur in Pokemon Platinum?

bulbasaur was the FIRST Pokemon in the ORIGINALversion. Pokemon platinum version is the new version.sorry but bulbasuar isn't in Pokemon platinum!!Once you have the international pokedex (seen/catch all of the current pokedex) you will be able to get bulbasaur traded to platinum (along with all the other 300 or whatever Pokemon that aren't in platinum but in the other games

Will there be another Pokemon version?

yes but it is called Pokemon platinum

Where do you get a Mewtwo on Pokemon platinum version?

You can't, Mewtwo is not available in Platinum.

On What version Pokemon platinum is made for gba?

There is not a verstion of platinum for gba

How do you get shamen the Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

You can't. It is only in Pokemon platinum version.

How do you get gulpin in Pokemon platinum?

It is possible to get the Pokemon Gulpin in Pokemon Platinum version by going to the Great Marsh. Gulpin is a poison type of Pokemon.

How do you get platinum version Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?

I am sorry to say this but, you cant catch any of the Pokemon in platinum in ruby unless it is a hoenn Pokemon.

When will magmar evolove in platinum?

I haven't played Pokemon Platinum Version before

How get Deoxys in Pokemon Platinum?

migrate it from Pokemon fire red version

Is there a new version of Pokemon diamond or pearl?

yeah it's called Pokemon platinum yeah it's called Pokemon platinum

Are there ar codes for Pokemon Platinum us version?

Yes there are AR Codes for the US version of Pokemon Platinum please visit www.codejunkies.com and search under Pokemon Platinum and they will have some codes there that I myself have tested & proven to work.

How do you let Pokemon follow you around in Pokemon Platinum version?

Your Pokemon cannot follow you around in Pokemon Platinum. It is only available in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver.

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