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Q: Is the Remington Spartan side by side cowboy shotgun the same as a Baikal or made by Baikal?
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What are the release dates for Cowboy G-Men - 1952 Silver Shotgun 1-19?

Cowboy G-Men - 1952 Silver Shotgun 1-19 was released on: USA: 24 January 1953

How do I find info on an old side by side doublebarrel shotgun?

Remington cowboy model or Itt international both are stage coach style guns that go for about $300. Besides that there are side-by-sides offered from most of the major gun manufactures but most go for about 2k.

What is the value of a marlin 1894 cowboy limited that has never been fired and has the lock book etc with it?

Depends where you live. Also it matters if its the 1894 cowboy or the 1894 cowboy limited. If it actually is a cowboy limited it matters if its the 20'' or the 24'' barrel. If in fact its the 24'' cowboy limited and in good condition people will pay 800-1000. They are very hard to come by and marlin stopped making them when they were bought by Remington.

Cowboy Action Shoot?

cowboy action shooting is where you have 2 single action revolvers and 1 rifle 1 shotgun(best if double barrel) the tipes of guns you use are 22cal. if buckaroo, any other kind of cowboy gun allso known as sass

What is a lever action gun?

rifle or shotgun that cycles the bolt by means of a lever. The old cowboy guns you see on TV is an example.

Can you have a gun on poptropica besides the pea shooters store an gun holders?

Yeah there is an outlaw costume in the store with a shotgun and a cowboy costume with a revolver

Why do they call the passenger seat shotgun?

Take a break and watch an old cowboy movie. On the stage coaches that ran across the west there was a driver and a man that rode shotgun. Ho sat up top next to the driver and carried a shotgun to protect the stage coach from being robbed. That is where we get the term "ridding shotgun." Up front next to the driver as opposed to the back seat or inside the coach.

What migt be a good birthday present for a little boy who wants to be a cowboy?

Cowboy hat, cowboy pyjamas, a toy cowboy gun, a cowboy holster to put the gun in, cowboy clothes (cowboy boots, cowboy jacket, cowboy trousers etc.), cowboy books, cowboy videos and DVDs, anything cowboy really.

What is Urban Cowboy about?

the urban cowboy is about a cowboy that is urban

What is a marlin 1894 Cowboy limited in .45 colt 24 inch octagon barrel with gold lettering and etched stock?

$1000 to $1200 and going up. No longer made and Remington has bought Marlin

What is cowboy folklore?

A cowboy folklore is also known as a cowboy folklore. If you don't know what a cowboy folklore is, it is a folklore owned by a cowboy.

How do you make cowboy bread?

You put a cowboy in some bread.Make it chunks of cowboy,not whole cowboy.

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