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Yes, if it is a modern Remington barrel because these barrels come pre-threaded and accept REM chokes (and many other manufacturer's chokes made for the Remington barrel).

Otherwise it will have the choke description stamped on the barrel like, "FULL".

I have an older Remington barrel that was a "FULL" choke that I had a gunsmith thread for me. The ability to thread a barrel for chokes will depend on the thickness of the barrel wall. Consult a trained gunsmith.

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Q: Is the Remington wingmaster 870 chokable?
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Will a Remington 870 express stock mount on a 870 wingmaster?


Value of a 1936 Remington wingmaster?

Remington did not make a "Wingmaster" shotgun in 1936. The Remington Wingmaster (Model 870) was first introduced in 1950.

Can you buy a new Remington Wingmaster 870?


What is the value of a Remington Wingmaster 870 made in 1979?


What is the difference in a Remington 870 and 870 express?

the express is the cheaper model Remington came out with. There are many more models like the tactical ones and the wingmaster. The wingmaster is one of the better quality models.

What is a Remington 870 wingmaster express 12ga left hander worth?

Is it a Wingmaster or an Express? Can't be both.

What does the w stand for on a Remington 870 12 gauge?

The W ahead of the serial number indicates that your Remington 870 wingmaster was made in 1972.

Remington 870 wingmaster price?

Depending on the buyer... $275-$375

Do they still make the Remington 870 Express in 410 bore?

The 870 Wingmaster is still made in .410

Where is the Remington model 870 wingmaster made?

All Remington model 870 shotguns were made in the Unites states.The Remington plant was located in Ilion,New York.

Remington 870 wingmaster serial number t152089m?

100-350 USD

What year was 16 gauge Remington 870 wingmaster with serial?

Serial 718943w

What does the LC stand for on an Remington model 870 wingmaster LC?

Light Contour

What is value of Remington 870 wingmaster 12 gauge?

100-300 USD

S391046v date of maufactureremington 870 wingmaster shotgun?

Visit Remington's web site.

What is the value of a Remington Wingmaster 870 20 gauge shotgun?

100-300 or so

What is a Remington wingmaster 870 worth?

50-200 USD or more depending on specifics

What is the value of a Remington 870 Wingmaster 12 gage shotgun?

50-350 usd

What is the value of a Remington 870 rifle?

Remington does not show a 870 rifle on their web site. Do you mean the 870 Shotgun? the Remington 870 is one of the most popular shotguns in the us. this shotgun ranges from $300 for the basic model to $1000 for the fancy Wingmaster edition

What is a Remington 870.410 pump shotgun made after 1994 worth?

Depending on condition, the 870 Express is about $450, the 870 Wingmaster is about $725.

What year was the Remington 870 wingmaster 16 gauge first made?

In 1950 Remington introduced fifteen versions of the Model 870 shotgun, in 12, 16 and 20 gauges.

What is the value of a Remington 870 Wingmaster 12 gauge shotgun in very good condition that was made Nov 1951?

Hey, I'm not sure about the worth, but I am also interested in the answer. I too just found a Remington 870 wingmaster 12 gauge made in 1951...

When was your 870 wingmaster made with serial number804854v?

Contact Remington Customer Service thru their website.

What is the value of a Remington Wingmaster 870 20g in good condition made in 1972?

@ 200 USD

Remington wingmaster model 870- serial number T730919v where is it from?

Made by the Remigton Firearms Company.

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