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Q: Is the Savage Striker pistol still manufactured?
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What year was a model 99A serial number 745377 manufactured?

Assuming your is a Savage Model 99, check with Savage Arms customer service. Savage IS still in business.

Need help identifying a gun It looks exactly like a 1907 Savage 32cal pistol except its silver on the top and the grips are wooden with an S inside a diamond Rusted so no ser no What is it?

This is the one who asked the question. Cleaned it off. Found a serial number, Typed it in to Savage Arms and found out this pistol is a 1917 Savage model 1907. Still have't figured out about the S in the diamond, though. Any ideas?

Can you still buy striker pistals new?

No such thing.

Are the Kashi products still manufactured in the US?

I shop for products that are manufactured in the U.S.A. Is Kashi still manufactured here?

What is the value of a haenel mod28 britpat277265?

The Haenel Model 28 was manufactured between 1930-1940. Please state the condition of the pistol so I can give you an estimate of the value. Is it Very Good, Good, Fair or poor? Does it still work? describe your pistol.

Is Fred Savage dead?

No, Fred Savage is alive and well and still acting.

What 22 caliber pistol was only used before 1946?

I could identify several models that were only manufactured before 1946, but anything made can still be used if it isn't worn out.

Does Savage Arms still have Stevens 411 in stock?

No, they were discontinued in 2005. As a side note the 411 was not manufactured by Steven/Savage Arms, but rather Stevens/Savage Arms contracted with Baikal Arms of Russia to manufacturer the 411. Stevens will be introducing the replacement model for the 311 and 4111 in July of 2009, the MSRP is double what the 411 sold for, the MSRP is going to be $799.00

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Did lakefield arms in Canada make model 64b gun?

Quite possible. I own a Model 64B firearm, Mine was manufactured as a"Lakefield 64B" which were made in Lakefield,On manufactured in Canada, Lakefield arms produced various rimfire firearms and was acquired by Savage arms which is why you can go out and buy a brand new 64B firearm under the name "Savage 64B" and as far as I'm aware although savage arms is an American company they still have operations running in Lakefield,Ontario Hope this helps

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Are 2014 KIA Rios still manufactured with an interference engine

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When was the Savage 110 Tactical 300mag made?

The Model 110-FP Tactical Police Rifle was first manufactured in 1990 but was not available in .300 Winchester Magnum until 1995. Last year's guide indicates that it is still in production. You may be able to get an exact year of manufacture by contacting Savage Arms. They have a web page.

How much is a Marksman air pistol model MP worth?

To get an answer you will have to state the condition of the pistol & is it still working?

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What is the value of a marksman repeater pistol circa 1975 still in original box?

What condition is the pistol in? Also is it still working? These two factors determine the value.

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Any handgun can be used to pistol whip someone. See following link for more in formation.

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Savage model 99M cal 284 I have been unable to obtain any information regarding my Savage lever action model 99m in caliber 284. Can you help?

I also have a 99M in 284.They were manufactured from 1964-1972.Winchester still makes the ammo.I usually order mine through Gander Mountain.Depending on condition they sell for as much as $1200.