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Is the Sierra Nevada an example of fault block mountains?


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The Sierra Nevada mountain range is an example of block mountains

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The sierra Nevada mountains are block mountains

The Sierra Nevada mountain range in California are an example of fault-block mountains or philatelic mountains.

The Sierra Nevada mountains block moisture from the Pacific from crossing into Nevada, creating a rain shadow desert.

Sierra Nevada Mountains in North America. Rhine Valley in Europe Vosges Mountains in Europe

sierra nevada mountain range

The coastal Range and the Sierra Nevada Mountains block Pacific moisture from entering Nevada and forming a rain shadow desert.

The White Mountains are located in California and Nevada. The block mountain range faces Sierra, Nevada.

Fault Block mountains such as the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and Fold & Thrust Mountains such as the Himalayans.

In some places the earth's crust has been broken, bent and crumpled into huge blocks. Some blocks move up or down or are tilted. These are fault or block mountains. The Sierra Nevada Mountains are block mountains.

A fault-block mountain can be found in Death Valley, California and also in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California. Movement of large crustal blocks form fault-block mountains.

The Sierra Nevada Mountains block moisture from the Pacific Ocean from crossing into Nevada creating a rain shadow desert on the leeward side of the mountains.

Sierra Nevada, Vosages of Europe,Black Forest in Germany, Death Valley in California are some examples of fault-block mountains.

The Rocky Mountains,and Seirra Nevada in the USA

the Himalayasi need a example of fault block mountains(The himalayas are NOT fault block mountains , they are fold mountains.)

Indirectly, yes. Both the Coastal Mountains and the Sierra Nevada Mountains were forced up by plate tectonics. These mountains block Pacific moisture from moving inland causing a rain shadow desert on the leeward side.

One fault block mountain are, The Teton Mountains. Another one is the Sierra Nevadas.

No. The Himalayas are fold mountains.

the process when faults or cracks in the earth's crust force some materials or blocks of rock up and others down. Instead of the earth folding over, the earth fractures and blocks are stacked. Examples include the Sierra Nevada mountains in North America and the Harz Mountains in Germany.

The tallest fault block mountain in the world is Mt. Whitney in the Sierra Nevada. It is 14,505 feet tall, or 4,421 meters.

Seirra Nevada in USA and some other mts. in Germany.

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