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No. The speed sensor is located on the transmission, and is what drives the speedometer cable, which drives the speedo head. The speedo head is another name for the the speedometer, which is the display gauge that you see while sitting in the car.


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There's no such thing as a speed sensor. Do you mean the rev. counter or speedo sensor by any chance?

There is no such thing as an "odometer sensor." There is a vehicle speed sensor that is located on the output shaft housing of the transmission. That sends info to the speedometer. From there, the speedometer and the odometer are both operated internally, so if your speedo is working, but the odometer isn't, you have a problem inside the speedo head assembly.

Mines doing the same thing Does your speedo not work. And you O/D Flashes? BTW This is most of the time on the tail housing on the trans

i just came across the same thing within the last week and it wasent a sensor its a cable drivin speedo...if that helps any

you maybe needing to replace your speed sensor. mine is doing the same thing and that is what is wrong with it

is the crankshaft position sensor the same and the engine speed sensor

No. The crank sensor reads the crankshaft location and speed. The cam sensor reads the camshaft.

No, the crank sensor reads crankshaft speed. The cam sensor reads camshaft speed. The cam sensor is on the distributor on a 1999 2.5L

I think I have to do the same thing on my 02 Taurus. I know that the Mass Airflow sensor is located on the air filter assembly. The fix seems simple enough. I can send you pics of the part if needed. Just curious, what are your symptoms? Sluggish performance? Stalling?

In my experience when the speedo stops working ABS light comes on is most likely the rear speed sensor located on top of the rear diff. The OD light may be related and may not. To have smooth shift points in the trans it needs to see vehicle speed. It is a pretty cheap part and easy to replace. Only thing other thing you might half to do is to clear the codes. Hope this helps.

You don't. There is no such thing as an odometer or a speedometer cable on that vehicle. The speedometer is electrically operated using a signal from the vehicle speed sensor. The odometer is driven by a little electric motor in the speedometer head assembly. If the speedo is working, but the odo isn't, you need a speedometer head assembly. If both are inop, you COULD need a speedo head, but there could also be a problem elsewhere in the system.

The speed sensor and the rear ABS sensor are the same thing. Replace the ABS sensor on the top of the rear axle housing (center) Sorry, its a dealer item only $20.80 here in the Detroit area.

It is the rear abs speed sensor locate on the top of the rear differential. Mine did the same thing. Easy to fix. It is the rear abs speed sensor locate on the top of the rear differential. Mine did the same thing. Easy to fix. It is the rear abs speed sensor locate on the top of the rear differential. Mine did the same thing. Easy to fix.

It is called the "vehical speed sensor". If i remember correctly it about $35 dollars at rhe parts store. This sensor will make your car not shift out of first or hold out first a lot longer, and at times you may not have a speedo. It is located on the tranny directly below the intake manifold. This is a hard one. I crawled on top of my car and laid the side of my face on the maniflold. please do this when its cold. Arms on both sides till you find this thing sticking out at a 45 degree angle pointing twards the driver seat. Its only one bolt 10mm, I think. finding where that bolt goes back without being able to see it is the hard part. Good luck 20 minutes for me.

Well beings it is an older car it's probably not gonna have wheel speed sensors so the only way your car is gonna know how fast it's going is the speed of the transmission... the sensor is probably mounted on the bell housing.BetterThe speed sensor is actually connected to the speedometer cable, that's why its a two piece cable. Look under the hood right under the master cylinder its a round thing inline with the speedo cable. Good Luck, it's kind of difficult to change. Chris :) CorrectThe speed sensor is not in the speedometer cable. It is screwed to the back of the speedometer. It's a small light, like an LED, that shines onto a rotating piece and puts out a two pulse per rev signal.

There is no such thing as a crankshaft sensor. There is no such thing as a crankshaft sensor.

you dont fix it you replace the speed sensor i have a 98 zx2 same thing happened to me the speed sensor went and the check engine light stayed on until it was changed also no spedometer worked only the tach worked

on top of transmission near the back a big black thing with a plug on it.

my 1999 dodge caravan did the same thing and it was the speed sensor gone in it.THE speed sensor is located on top of transmission drivers side. Have it checked for codes, could be major or minor.

There is almost no difference between the two. The only thing is the feel and confort.

Just had the same thing, engine cut out after 15 miles, depending on how long i leave it before turning the engine over again depends how long it will stay running. Resolved by replacing the crank shaft sensor. After the machanic replaced the crank sensor, I now have no speedo or cigarette lighter.. not sure about that one.

Even though one has a speedo cable, and the other dosen't, the speed sensor itself is essentially the same, the only difference being that one speed sensor has a place for a cable, and the other dosen't. You should be able to make it work, by transferring the speed sensor from one transmission to the other, in other words, leave the speed sensor on the vehicle that it came installed on. The only thing that would be of concern is whether the gear ratio of the sensor is the same. When you pull out the two sensors, count the teeth on the plastic gear. If they are the same, then away you go! If they different, you can transfer the internal drive gear by removing the tail shaft housing from the transmissions. The tail shaft housing is easy to remove. It's only held on with 5 or 6 bolts, and it's pretty self-explanatory.

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