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Is the Swine Flu in Oregon Salem yet?

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is the Swine Flu in Oregon yet

is the swine flu in Oregon yet

is the swine flu in Oregon yet

is the swine flu in Oregon yet

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There are no confirmed cases of swine flu in Kentucky yet.

No confirmed reports yet, but in the LOWVELD there has been an outbreak of very deep flu which is yet to be tested. I suspect that its swine flu.

no not yet but it is coming beware

Yes. As of 3 July 2009, there were 1157 confirmed cases of Swine flu in NSW.

no cases of the swine flu in victorville yet just be aware...Actually there are hundreds of swine flu cases in victorville, my 2 year old daughter and my friends daughter both have it

There isn't a way yet to ''get rid of'' swine flu so to make sure u don't get it just get the vaccine for it

St.Annes has 4 members that have been confirmed with swine flu. 5 other members have suspected swine flu but has not yet been confirmed. Our school is still open though until further notice.

Yes, during the swine flu H1N1/09 pandemic, the virus spread to every state in the US and every nation in the world.

No, not yet so don't worry

they were able to catch it in time and give him medicine even though they didn't know about the swine flu yet

the swine flu may indeed infect Georgia soon but not yet. the infected states are Texas, New York, California, and a few others. the swine flue started in Mexico, where many have died.

Maybe. There are already tons of people in vancouver, edmonton, calgary, toronto, ontario, and quebec who has the swine flu. Chances are, if you wash your hands carefully, eat your veggies, keep away from people who might be sick, you won't get the swine flu. i live in Coquitlam, BC, Canada, and in my town, nobody has the swine flu yet.

i dont think so but due to swine flu out break this year they are checking arrivals for swine flu virus no one in maldives are affected yet

The swine flu hasn't totally stopped yet as of March 2011. See the related questions and links below to the CDC influenza surveillance reports.

By symptoms only. Swine flu usually presents with diarrhea in addition to the usual symptoms. Additionally, the regular flu season has not started yet, so most cases are assumed to be swine flu. There is no test at this moment that a family doctor could order (at least not in Canada).

I don't think scientists have figured that out yet...sorry.

people/scientists havent found a cure assumably yet

doest the governet takes for that measures for yet.

no somebody in san berndino county has gotten it but nobody in barstow has it yet

The "Solanum" virus does not exist. Z-Day is not yet here.

It is possible but rare. There have now been recorded transmissions of swine flu H1N1 to cats so it would be possible to have an infected cat transmit to a human. This has yet to be recorded but give it time and it may happen someday.Pets have infected their owners with bacterial infections but I know of no instance where swine flu has done this.

No. There are vaccines for swine flu, but they do not cure it. They prevent it before you get sick from it because the vaccines will make you immune. Once you have it, there is no cure. There are medicines that can make you feel better and there are medicines that will make the symptoms less harsh and the duration shorter, but no cures yet. Get the vaccination if you have not yet when the next flu season is about to start in the fall (in the US).

Yes. The pandemic has been declared over. There remain some isolated outbreaks from time to time and place to place, however, so if you have not received a vaccination for it yet, you should. The swine flu vaccine is included in the seasonal flu vaccination in the 2011-2012 flu season in the Northern Hemisphere.

There really is no way to know who the first pig with swine flu was. We are positive, however, that it was not Babe.More, on the lighter side:All the sheep and sheep dogs who knew and lived on the same farm with Babe have indicated that at no time has Babe shown any signs of influenza. There is much speculation on who the first pig with the swine flu was, but as yet it has not been proven conclusively who it may have been.For a full discussion of this side of the story, see the related questions below, "Who was the first pig to spread swine flu?" and "Is there an update on the information of who was the first pig to spread the swine flu?".

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