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Is the US democratic?

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It is not democratic in the strictest definition of the word. The US is a democratic republic. The people do not directly vote on issues, they elect representatives who vote on issues and are supposed to represent the views of their constituents.

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Is the US are the democratic and capitalist?

yes the us is democratic and capitalist

What is the structure of the US government?

The US has a democratic republic government. The US has a democratic republic government.

Was the us fascist democratic or communist during world war 2?

the us was democratic

Why is the Democratic Party in the US socialist?

The Democratic party is not socialist.

Why did democratic government survive in the US?

The reason that a democratic government lsted in the US is because most of us like it that way.

Does the united states have an democratic government or republic?

The US is a democratic republic.

Is US a democratic society?


Who is the Ambassador to the US for the Democratic Republic of the Congo?

Faida Maramuke Mitifu is the Ambassador to the US for the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

What is the polictical system of the us?


Is US democratic country?


What kind of government do you have in the US?

The kind of government you have in the US is DEMOCRATIC.

Does the US have a dictator?

No, the US has a president and democratic republic not a dictatorship.

What number of Democratic Party President was Jimmy Carter?

He was the 14th US President from the Democratic Party.

What connections does Israel have with the US?

Israel and the US are strong Democratic allis.

Is the majority of the US democratic or republican?

Neither most of the US is independent.

Is the US the only true democracy?

No, the US is not the only true democracy. There are a great many nations in the world that have truly democratic governments. Canada, the immediate neighbor of the US to the north, is easily as democratic as the US.

What is the type of political system in the US?


What type of gov does the US have?

democratic system

When was the Democratic Party in US formed?


Which two parties are there in the US?

Republican and Democratic

Is the us state senate democratic?


What is an example of a country with a democratic government?


What party is in power in the US?

it is the Democratic Party

What kind of freedom does the US have?

democratic republic

What form of government do you use in the US?