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no, but my brother, who works for the undertaker, said he's going to start a new one with the followong superstars; undertaker,Kane,test(returnnig soon), Rey Mysterio, hell's savior(coming soon) and paul bearer is returinning from the dead angry, but forgiving! (this is occurring in Survivor series 2005)!!!

that's rubbish test is signing with TNA, Percy pringle (paul bearer) was released by wwe a week ago, and survior series 2005 would make no sense to make it happen there, it would make more sense to have it at no mercy or armegedon, the gothic sounding ppvs

that isn't hard for me to belive. I mean it would make sence if takers new faction came at the 2005 survivor series because that's were undertaker debuted.

i wouldn't be suprised if takers new ministry formed at surviver series 2005. it is were he started. i also would think it would make more sence that he would make it during no mercy, armageddon, or Judgement Day (his signature one). those are more gothic suroundings for him. but yeah i think he might make it at one of those ppvs.

Its very plausable that the Minsitry could reofrm at SS, since Taker got killed by the ortons and the corparprate mchmahons r back.

the Ortons so called claimed they killed the Undertaker. he will come back at the next PPV and Destroy the Ortons.

he came back at the end of SS but only chokes-lamed several smack-down superstars and tomb-stoned William regal after smack-down beat raw in the classic SS elimination match then the next smack-down randy Orton drove the low rider with the undertaker on the trunk and drove it through the totalitarian

the or tons never killed the undertaker! He will fight randy at Armageddon in a hell in a cell match and win the match and finished the feud once and for all.

They tried to reunite but it backfired Big Vis started an attack on Taker and the cope-rate followed

No. The Undertaker has retired

The Undertaker has NOT retired.

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Is The Undertaker's Ministry of Darkness going to reunite?

I really wanted to see all of Undertaker's men come back and reunite as the ministry of darkness. I highly doubt it though. First of all, Undertaker is face and i dont know how they will make the ministry a ''good guys'' team. Second, a lot of his men either are fired or have completely new gimmicks. It will be hard and will take a while to make the ministry out of new superstars. The only remaining ministry members are Edge & Christian,possibly Big Daddy V and the A.P.A. It would really be nice though to see the ministry get together one last time. I wish it would happen but it ain't going to!

What do you do when Dugtrio is on the beach in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness?

hes just there for show. There is nothing you can do to make him reunite with his son.

What is a good sentence with reunite in it?

I will reunite this man with his wife

Will blink 182 reunite?

Rumors are that they might reunite for the Warped Tour in 09.

What is a senetnce for reunite?

After many years of turmoil the lovers will reunite at sunset this upcoming Valentine's Day. Why would you want to reunite with THAT family member? Everyone feared the storm sure to come when the brothers would reunite. Won't it be wonderful when they finally reunite? After pusuing solo careers, the three original members of the rock band decided to reunite for one last world tour.

Will Nick Sharon reunite?

Yes the will reunite! They belong together! Feb. 4th baby!

Did tokugawa shogunate reunite Japan?

Yes he did. He built indestructible Forces to reunite Japan

Who was Lincoln trying to reunite during the civil war?

Lincoln was trying to reunite the nation. The confederacy succeeded from the union which caused the war and Lincoln was trying to reunite his country.

How do you use reunite in a sentence?

It is the hope of most fractured countries that a politician will emerge that will help to reunite them.

How do you use the word reunite in a sentence?

for an example you could say... "I have a speical power where I can reunite a person with their family!" That can be a sentence.

Can children be reunited back with a parent if parental rights have been involuntarily terminated?

Once the child reaches eighteen years they can reunite if they wish.Once the child reaches eighteen years they can reunite if they wish.Once the child reaches eighteen years they can reunite if they wish.Once the child reaches eighteen years they can reunite if they wish.

When do Elena and Stefan reunite?

What do you mean by reunite? If you mean when Elena breaks up with Stefan then they are officially back in By the Light of the Moon

Who urged southerners to reunite as Americans?

Abraham Lincoln or the union urged southerners to reunite with them. Abraham Lincoln was the union president.

How did Germany reunite?

can u tell me why they

Will the nWo reunite?

no NWO will not reunite because Scott hall does not wrestle Kevin Nash is in tna and hulk hogan is to old to wrestle

Did abu bakr use military force to reunite the Muslim community?

Yes he used military forces to reunite the Muslim community :] :)

Does Naruto reunite with his family?

no his family is dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does Sasuke reunite with Naruto?

Not yet but will later

Why is it difficult to reunite sea mammals with their pods?

Why is it difficult to reunite sea mammals with their podsRead more: Why_is_it_difficult_to_reunite_sea_mammals_with_their_pods

What religious group in Northern Ireland wants to reunite with the rest of Ireland?

Many Catholics, though not all of them, would like to reunite with the rest of Ireland.

Is Judy Swaggart in Donnie's life?

A friend of the ministry says Donnie still cares for Judy. He divorced her so he could reunite with 2 of his estranged children per his mother. He asked her to return after a year. It was stated that she could not trust that Frances would not arrange another divorce.

Why was Germany able to reunite?

Germany was able to reunite because of the collapse of communism in Eastern bloc countries. This led to the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and reunification.

What does reunite means?

To bring or come together again.

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