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The University of Phoenix is regionally accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools/Higher Council of Learning.


Typically if you attend a Regional accredited school as a freshman, you are going to take a lot of general education type of classes your first year, a nationally accredited school will have more of a focus on the degree itself, about 70% towards the degree or core classes and 30% towards general ed. and college core. A nationally accredited school has to meet the same standards as a region. Nationally accrediting agencies are recognized by the DOE (Dept. of Education) such as ACICS.


The University of Phoenix is also accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), which in turn is recognized by the Council for Higher Education (CHEA) and the U.S. Department of Education (USDE). Refer to the Related Links below for more information on these agencies.

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Q: Is the University of Phoenix nationally or regionally accredited?
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Is the University of Phoenix regionally and nationally accredited?

Yes the University of Phoenix is regionally and nationally accredited. The University of Phoenix is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission North Central Association.

Is University of phoenix a nationally accredited university?

No It is regionally accredited, which a higher accreditation than national.

What are some accredited online universities?

"University of Phoenix is a nationally accredited online school. It is not, however, regionally accredited. There are many other online universities like Park University and National University."

Is the University of Phoenix ground campus regionally accredited?

Is the University of Phoenix Ground Campus accredited for all majors.

Is university of phoenix accredited?

The Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs, an international organization that recognizes and supports teaching excellence, accredits the University of Phoenix a nationally accredited program.

Is the university of Phoenix accredited?

The Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs, an international organization that recognizes and supports teaching excellence, accredits the University of Phoenix a nationally accredited program.

Is brandman university regionally or nationally accredited?

Basically, what you're asking is if Brandman University is legit, or if it is another ITT/Phoenix, etc? Rest assure, Brandman is WASC (Wester Association of Colleges) accredited, alongside the fact that it is a part of the Chapman University system. Brandman is a equivocal to the University of La Verne's CAPA program.

Is the university of Phoenix a legitimate accredited institution?

Yes, they are regionally accredited, which is the best in the United States. So they are technically as legitimate as any other degree. However, the University of Phoenix does have a stigma attached to it and some people discount it in their mind due to this.

Can you transfer credits from Apollo College to the University of Phoenix?

In order for credits to transfer to the University of Phoenix and any of the traditional regionally accredited institutions, the school would have to have a regional accreditation as well, otherwise they typically will not be accepted.

Is Phoenix university a recognised institution?

- No. Phoenix University is not accredited or chartered by any known sovereign country. Phoenix University is a degreemill. All state approved, regionally, nationally, and chartered online universities have a Physical Address. Phoenix University has none. They hide their physical address from the general public. I encourage people to ask Phoenix university for their physical and mailing address. They claim to be accredited. However, their bogus accreditor hides their physical address. The site creator(s) of the bogus accreditor and "Phoenix University" registered their domain name at If you notice, the site owners made their doman names private. This wikianswer is being watched and will be reposted if deleted. No state approved, chartered, deemed, or accredited university makes their physical and mailing address private. Phoenix University is fooling the public. If you are interested in a University that is properly accredited in the United States, visit To learn more about the degreemill called Phoenix University, go to: Yeah i`ve heard its total bogus!

Should the University of Phoenix lose it's accreditation would that render diplomas earned there invalid?

If you completed the degree while the institution was accredited, than it would be recognized. If the degree was completed while the institution was not regionally accredited then it would not be recognized by other regionally accredited schools, and possibly by some employers.

Is the adult ed program at UOP regionally accredited?

The University of Phoenix has the appropriate regional accreditation. Therefore the course work and degrees are recognized by all other accredited colleges and universities as well as employers.

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