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No, it is located in Washington D.C.

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Where is the Vietnam wall located?

The Vietnam Wall is located in Washington, DC.

Where is Robert Knisley located on the Vietnam Wall?

If he is listed, he can be found on the Vietnam War Memorial Wall website. A page will show, in which you fill in the blocks.

Where is the Vietnam Traveling Wall in Carey Ohio located?

The address of the Vietnam Traveling Wall is: 11680 State Highway 103, Carey, OH 43316-9707

What year was the Vietnam wall built?

The Vietnam wall was built in 1906

What is history of the the wall for the Vietnam war?

See website: Vietnam Veterans Memoria Wall See website: Vietnam Veterans Memoria Wall

When was the Vietnam wall put up?

The first Vietnam wall was put up in 1906 the people of Vietnam found the wall not necessary for the people of Vietnam because an American helped designed the wall. Then their was a remake 18 years later.

What is the Vietnam wall?

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

When was the Vietnam wall built?

The Vietnam Memorial Wall was started in 1979 and finished in 1982.

How many people are on the Vietnam war memorial wall?

There are 58,272 names on the Vietnam Memorial Wall.

Where is the Vietnam war memorial?

Washington DC. The Vietnam War Memorial is located in the National Mall in Washington, D.C. There is a traveling version of the wall, however, that traverses the US allowing visitors to experience the wall without visiting the capital.

What is the wall in Vietnam?

I'm Vietnamese and I'm pretty sure Vietnam doesn't have a wall like China

Where Is The Name Of Harvard Johnson Marine Killed In Vietnam Home Located In Newark NJ Listed On Wall?

There appears to be no appearance of Marine Harvard Johnson on the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, the Wall. You may specify a search at the related link below.

Where is Vietnam located on the globe?

Vietnam is located in the south east~

Why isn't my uncle who died in Vietnam listed on Vietnam War memorial wall?

If your uncle was in the US Military (civilians are not listed on the wall); obtain documentation and contact the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall office.

How did the first 200 names get on the Vietnam memorial wall?

The site: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall; information column will answer that question.

What do the symbols stand for on the Vietnam wall?

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall website has a complete glossary for those terms/symbols.

What material was the Vietnam Wall built from?

The Vietnam Wall/Memorial was built out of black granite. It was polished to reflect the beauty around it.

What is the Vietnam Veterans memorials nickname?

The "wall" is by far the most common name for it; because it's only ONE syllable and easy to pronounce. Other nick-names, "Vietnam Wall", "Viet War Wall", "Vietnam War Wall", to name a few.

How old is the Vietnam memorial wall?

The wall is 28 years old.

Where is the Vietnam Memorial located?

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is located in Washington , DC .

Is Vietnam located north or south of the equator?

Vietnam is located north of the equator.

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