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No, The Boogeyman isn't dead, since leaving the WWE he has appeared on the independent Wrestling circuit.

*As of July 25th, 2012

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Q: Is the WWE boogeyman dead?
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How did WWE boogeyman die?

He isn't dead

Is the boogeyman from the wwe really dead?

No, the WWE just cancelled his contract last year.

Did the WWE boogeyman die?

No, former WWE super star- "boogeyman" didn't die. He was fired from the WWE, that's why he isn't and/or wasn't around. Besides if "boogeyman" did indeed die, the WWE would've put a memorial service or something to honor his memory. But the point is "boogeyman" didn't die, and isn't dead.

Is the WWE boogeyman alive?

actually i think he is dead but i dnt relyy know

How did WWE superstar boogeyman die?

The boogeyman did not die!

Is the WWE Boogeyman Tongan?

no the boogeyman isn't on svr 2010

Is the Boogeyman back in the WWE?


Is boogeyman in WWE?


Will Boogeyman return to WWE?

The Boogeyman is most likely not returning to WWE, since he is currently in a different wrestling circuit.

What happen to the Boogeyman on WWE?

The Boogeyman was released from his contract in early 2009

Why did boogeyman leave WWE?

The boogeyman was released after the end of his contract in 08/09.

Is WWE boogeyman in WWE all-stars?

No he isn't.

Will boogeyman come back to WWE?


Did boogeyman quit WWE?

He was released

Where is the boogeyman from the WWE?

jsdhkjalhfksdfhk land

Did WWE superstar boogeyman retire?

No Marty Wright (aka The Boogeyman) did not retire. On March 4, 2009 he was released from his WWE contract.

How do you get the boogeyman?

on wwe 2009 smackdown v.s. raw put in boogeyman eats worms !!

Is boogeyman dead?


When will boogeyman return to WWE?

It is unlikely he ever will

Does the WWE wrestler the Boogeyman hurt children?


How old is the WWE superstar the boogeyman?

He is 45

Why does WWE wrestler eat worms?

The Boogeyman. . .

When is the boogeyman from WWE coming back?

He isn't

What happened to the WWE boogeyman?

he is injured and rehabbing.

Who is the WWE wrestler the boogEYMAN?

Boogeyman is a wrestler in the wwe. His gimmick was to eat worms and to be creepy(he really ate worms).He had feuds with king Booker and finlay. but wwe released him in 2009 or 2008