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yes, when you run

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Q: Is the achillies tendon used in football?
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When does achillies die?

Achillies died by having his achillies tendon severed then he is stab to death in the chest.

What is the achillies tendon?

those knots on your ankels.

What muscle is attached to the calcaneus?

achillies tendon

What tendon inserts most commonly into the triceps surae?

achillies or calcaneus tendon

Where is the location of achillies?

The achilles usually refers to the tendon on the back of the foot.

Is the 'Achillies tendon' in the knee heal or toe?

None of the above... it is in the heel.

Does pus come out of an achillies tendon?

Pus does not normally come out of an Achilles tendon. If you have pus near your ankle,see your health care provider.

How can runners prevent injuries to the Achillies tendon?

The Achilles tendon is always at risk of injury in runners, but these can be prevented by properly stretching before a run, as well as "warming up" before a run, and "cooling down" after a run, to ensure that the tendon is not damaged.

Why is achillies name after achillies tendonds?

when achillies was dipped in the immortal water, his mother didn't dip his heel which held a very important tendon that if injured, you are "paralyzed" in the foot and he was shot in the heel. his only vulnerable spot had been hit and he died, being hit by Paris. Watch the movie Troy.

What is the thickest tendons in your body?

the thickest tendon in your body is your achillies tendonn wich is located in the bacd side of your foot near your ankle

What football team did Rosie Grier play on in 1970?

Grier was not in the NFL in 1970. He suffered a torn achillies tendon in 1967 and retired. He spent 1955-1962 with the New York Giants and 1963-1966 with the Los Angeles Rams.

Can you ever play football again after rerupturing your Achilles tendon?


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