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Q: Is the age to get your drivers permit in Tennessee fifteen?
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Can you obtain a drivers permit in Tennessee at age 14?

yes you can,but if you want your child is unreasonable don't let them received their drivers permit

How old do you have to be to get your driver license in Tennessee?

In Tennessee you can obtain a learner permit upon attaining age 15. You can obtain a restricted driver license in Tennessee when you attain age 16 and have held a valid learner permit for at least 180 days.

What age for drivers permit in ca?

the minimum age to obtain a drivers permit in CA is 15 and 1/2 years old

What age do you have to be to get your permit in California?

i believe it's fifteen and a half

What do you need in order to work at age fifteen?

a job permit

What is the legal age to get your drivers permit in pa?

age 18

How long do you have to have a permit before you can get your license in Tennessee?

To obtain a Tennessee drivers license, applicants under the age of 18 must (1) have a learners permit for at least 180 days, or (2) have been licensed to drive in another state for at least 90 days. There is no learners permit time requirement for applicants age 18 or older.

What is a driver's permit?

What is a drivers permit?????????????//A drivers permit is a license stating that you are alble to drive but only with a person 21 years of age or older

What is the lowest age that you can get a drivers permit in CA?


If youre in Washington state you can get your drivers permit at age 15 and drivers license at age 16 when can you get your license if you got the permit at age 16?

You have to hold your permit for a minimum of 6 months before getting an intermediate license.

What age can you get a drivers license in Pennsylvania?

You get a learners permit at age 16 and your license after 6 months of having a permit.

How old do you have to be to get a drivers perment in Arkansas?

You have to be the age of 14 to take your drivers permit in Arkansas!

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