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If you put the apostrophe after the letter 's' (womens') you will be adding the letter 's' to the word women (which is already the plural of the word woman) and mispelling it. The correct way is: women's.

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What is stress that should be placed on a syllable is indicated by the use of?

correctly it would be an accent or an apostrophe

Where to put the apostrophe in Guss diary?

The apostrophe should be placed after the second s in the word Guss. It should be: Guss' diary.


Yes as it is the possessive form. As the phrase is referring to just one of the names in the partnership, the apostrophe should be placed thus:- PARTNER'S NAME If instead you had been asking about all of the names in the partnership, the apostrophe should be placed thus:- PARTNERS' NAMES

Where do you put the apostrophe in the word minds in this sentence The minds light bulb dims?

The apostrophe should be placed as follows: The mind's light bulb dims.

Should 'governers board' have an apostrophe?

Yes and it should be spelled correctly. It should be Governor's Board because it belongs to the governors.

Where should the two nouns in this sentence be placed?

The two nouns, 'nouns' and 'sentence' are placed correctly in your sentence.

Should the word calls have an apostrophe?

No, "calls" should not have an apostrophe. "Calls" is the present tense third person singular conjugation of the verb "call". "Calls" is also a plural noun -- I placed several calls today.

Why Can't the Australian Elderly and Disabled who are on Pensions get Better Pay in their Pensions?

Exactly They should get $67,000 a Year in their Pensions

Should its have an apostrophe?

it's is a abbreviation of it is so it should have an apostrophe

Should there by an apostrophe in never?

no There should never be an apostrophe in "never".

How should chocolate wrappers be disposed of correctly?

There are many ways that chocolate wrappers should be disposed of correctly. If chocolate wrappers are made of plastic, they should be placed in a plastic recycling receptacle.

What are the Top ten bourbon's?

I refuse to answer this, though I could, because you've placed a possessive apostrophe where the word should be plural.

Should there be an apostrophe in See the film that is charming audiences?

It should not have an apostrophe.

How do I mark primary and secondary stress in English words?

Primary stress is where the word has its biggest concentration of sound. It is marked by an apostrophe placed at the beginning of the stressed syllable, and the apostrophe MUST be up-placed. Secondary stress is where the word has any sort of stress, yet it is not as relevant as the primary stress; the apostrophe is placed in the beginning of the stress syllable, but it MUST be down-placed. For example: in the word vaccination, it should be like this: [ˌvæk-sǝ-'nei-ʃǝn]. Where the "va" has the secondary stress, and the "na" has the primary stress.

Should from the Harringtons have an apostrophe?

No. Harringtons doesn't need an apostrophe.

Should this sentence have an apostrophe in presidents Linda and her vice presidents are going to Brazil?

No, there should be no apostrophe.

Do you use an apostrophe for the word that?

One should never use an apostrophe for the word that.One should always use an apostrophe for the word that's, meaning that is.

Where is the apostrophe in should not?

Should not = shouldn't

Is this aposthrophe used correctly in this statement 'It maybe that the patient's cardiac symptoms are secontadry to her thyrotoxicosis?

If you mean the apostrophe in the word "patient's," yes, it is used correctly. The hint is the use of the singular possessive, "her," which refers to one patient, thus, "the patient's cardia..."; if the sentence were worded to include a plurality, "are secondary to their thyrotoxicosis," then one should use the plural possessive, "the patients' cardia...". If, however, you mean the apostrophe before the first word in the sentence, no, it is not used correctly: to be correct it requires a closing apostrophe at he conclusion of the sentence.

Should there be an apostrophe after the word members when you say the members of the community?

No there shouldn't be an apostrophe.

When should be a comma placed before 'but' or after 'but'?

Before. Example: I would have punctuated correctly, but the friendly folks on were misinformed.

Should Life's gift have an apostrophe?

'Life's gift' should indeed have an apostrophe, as the gift is belonging to life (possessive pronoun), as it were.

Should the Pele' jersey have an apostrophe at the end of his name?

Yes and it should also have s after the apostrophe. Pele's jersey

Which statement correctly describes how a bar magnet should be placed on a globe to correctly align with Earth's magnetic field?

Place the magnet vertically on the equator, with the north end facing the North Pole.

What should be applied to contractions?