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Is the baby in the uterus is called the quickening?


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Quickening is a term used to describe the baby's movement which you could feel from 3 months, although every person is different.

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The first movement of the baby is called, "Quickening".

when the baby is moving

An unborn baby, commonly called a "fetus", develops in it's mother's uterus (also called a womb).

This would be called the uterus.

The baby is enclosed inside the uterus, that is where it gets it nourishment and where the egg attaches to! No uterus... NO BABY.

The earliest is from 8-12 wks, but that is called the quickening. You really start to feel the baby kick when you are about 16-20 wks pregnant.

In the womb. That is also called as uterus. Uterus is designed by the nature to carry the pregnancy.

They are called contractions, this means you are having a baby! congrats!

The uterus is where the baby grows in the uterus

The wall of the uterus is called the endometrium.The uterus is the female reproductive organ that the baby lives in. The wall of the uterus I'm guessing is on the inside of the uterus, and is where the placenta is attached from the wall to the babys belly button.

The uterus The baby develops all it's organs in the mother.

The uterus is where the baby developed in the womb of the mother.. The baby stays in the uterus 9 months.. =)

The uterus will expand until the baby is born!!!

The first fetal movement detected by an expectant mother is called quickening. The first sensations are often light tapping or fluttering.

In a special organ that only women have called the "uterus".

The uterus does not come out. However, the placenta does (following the same path the baby did).

The baby is not in mom's stomach as such, rather it is in a separate place in her tummy called her 'uterus'. The baby is attached to the wall of the uterus with a placenta. From the placenta leads a cord to the baby's tummy (where your tummy button is) and food from mom's blood passes across the placenta to the baby while it is growing in mom's uterus.

A baby that is born sideways while exiting the uterus is called a transverse presentation.

Uterus or womb-its were the baby develops until labor.

When a baby is ready to be born, the mommy starts to feel labor contractions. The uterus squeezes and pushes the baby out of the uterus and into the world.

can pressure on the uterus hurt the baby during pregnancy

the uterus can hold an unborn baby because it is like a band that you can stretch

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