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Sometimes there is less movement when the baby is still growing. Ask your doctor about this. Maybe they can suggest what's called a non-stress test or even an ultrasound.

AnswerAt this point in your pregnancy you are supposed to feel some sort of movement at least once an hour. I'm 33 weeks and that's what they told me. That could be a sign that something is wrong, everyones situation is different.
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Q: Is the baby okay if he is not kicking much at 31 or 32 weeks?
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Is the baby okay if hes not kicking at 28 weeks?

It doesn't sound too good. If you haven't felt any kicks at all yet in the entire pregnancy OR if the baby WAS kicking before but isn't anymore (if he hasn't in 1 or 2 days), you need to go to a doctor straight away!

If you have your baby at 36 weeks will your baby be okay?

Yes, absolutely fine

Will your baby be okay if he gets chickenpox at six weeks old?

The baby can be risk for still birth.

You are 4 weeks pregnant and the Dr did an ultrasound and couldn't see the baby am i okay why can't they see the baby yet I don't have no pains or bleeding am i okay?

the baby is gana be small

Is my baby okay if I am 40 weeks and my belly hasn't grown in 3 weeks?

The belly will usually stop growing when a woman reaches 40 weeks. The baby is fine as long as the heartbeat is steady.

You are 16 weeks pregnant and haven't felt your baby move is this okay?

Consult your doctor to make sure.

Is it okay to not have your period up to 8 weeks after delivering a baby?

Completely normal!! It gets better! Promise!=)

Are you able to see a baby at 7 weeks of pregnancy?

yes you can you can properly see how the baby is formed by sometimes you can have a miscarriage even though the baby is formed properly my estimates your baby will be okay

Engagment at 37 weeks in primigravida?

That's okay. Your baby could stay there for a while so there isn't anything to worry about.

How much baby oil is harmful to dog?

depends where you are putting it external is okay

You have 3 weeks left is it okay to go into labor now 2 cm dilataed when i went to the doctor?

It's okay for you to go into labor at anytime now. Your baby is full term.

Is it okay for a baby mouse to lay on its back?

When a baby mouse or pinkie is on it's back, the baby can die. A couple of weeks after a mouse starts getting fur, it should be able to turn back around.

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