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Is the baby okay if he is not kicking much at 31 or 32 weeks?


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Sometimes there is less movement when the baby is still growing. Ask your doctor about this. Maybe they can suggest what's called a non-stress test or even an ultrasound.

AnswerAt this point in your pregnancy you are supposed to feel some sort of movement at least once an hour. I'm 33 weeks and that's what they told me. That could be a sign that something is wrong, everyones situation is different.

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It doesn't sound too good. If you haven't felt any kicks at all yet in the entire pregnancy OR if the baby WAS kicking before but isn't anymore (if he hasn't in 1 or 2 days), you need to go to a doctor straight away!

The belly will usually stop growing when a woman reaches 40 weeks. The baby is fine as long as the heartbeat is steady.

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It's okay for you to go into labor at anytime now. Your baby is full term.

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Up until about 12 weeks your body doesn't change much anyway so you should be fine. After about 16-17 weeks you will probably want to wear a specific maternity support.

Yes. Anything you want to name your baby is fine.

If all the tests say you and the baby are ok I would try not to worry. However if you have any bright red blood and/or cramps go straight to the hospital.

It is okay to do some light Fitness in the first two trimesters. When you enter the third trimester it is okay to do yoga or something similar. It is still exercise but it is not strenuous and will be okay for the baby.

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