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Is the band Kiss Jewish?

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What religion were the Kiss band members?

Gene and Paul are Jewish.

Are there Jewish members in the band KISS?

Yes, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons.

How many members are Jews in the band KISS?

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are jewish.

Is KISS the band real?

Yes, KISS is a real band.

What is the Symbol of kiss in Jewish culture?

Jewish culture doesn't have a symbol for a kiss.

Is the band KISS a Christian band?

No, KISS is definitely not a Christian band.

Is the band kiss broken up yet?

No, Kiss band is still together

Is the band kiss a girl band?


Are the Kiss band British?

No, the band, Kiss, are not British. The members are an all American rock band. The group formed in 1973.

Is the Band Kiss still a band?


Why don't brides and grooms kiss at Orthodox Jewish Weddings?

Most brides and grooms do kiss at Orthodox Jewish weddings, albeit a modest kiss.

Are they making a Wii kiss rock band?

if you mean are they making mii's kiss in rock band. no

Did kiss finsh?

no. the band kiss is still rocking on!

Who is better KISS or Metallica?

KISS is THE better band.

Do the band Kiss kiss people a lot?


What are five interesting about the band kiss?

# They're Jewish # The "S"s in KISS are the SS symbol from the Nazis # Gene Simians never drank or did drugs all his life # Gene Simians is an imigrant from Israil # They replaced two members of the band, the drummer and the lead guitar player

What does ''kiss'' the band stand for?

KISS Knights In Satans Service

Is the radio station kiss 108 named after the band kiss?

kiss f.m

Did the band kiss have other names?

the singer and basist had a band before kiss called wicked lester

Who is the band named KISS?

Kiss is an obnoxious band of "hard rock" who wear facepaint and roll their tongues.

Who is introduced as the hotest band in the world?

The band KISS

Where did kiss start their band?

KISS started in New York

When did kiss start?

The band KISS was formed in January of 1973.

Who is the coolest guy on the kiss band?

nobody kiss is lame

Is there a girl in the band kiss?